5 Lingering Chris Dorner Murder Conspiracies You May Have Missed

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3. Dorner is Drone-r
"It was discussed that Dorner is a near anagram for Drone-R," writes Joe Son on a site "dedicated to restoring Constitutional government to the United States of America." "His full name is an anagram for 'Projects and Hinder Horror.' I thought this was interesting because he is projecting horror, but also hindering it? This seems wrong, so maybe it's a hidden message that while this is being projected, it is also hindering horror. Maybe that means he is getting in the way of diabolical plans, or maybe the coverage is a distraction for something else (the new pope business?). Just thought you'd like to know." (DailyPaul)

4. More Droning
Wikipedia Commons
"Is Dorner a False Flag operation by the US Government so they can justify using Drones in the US? Dorner = Drone? hmm," tweets "Dirk Diggler ‏@TheGoodSin" (Twitter/TheGoodSin)

5. #TeamDorner
Glenn Beck shockingly weighs in.
The #TeamDorner hashtag on Twitter is a gathering place for these and other Dorner-related conspiracies, including: the Big Bear fire was a cover-up; cops could have but didn't take Dorner alive; the whole drivers license thing mentioned by Ruth Hull above; and various "official" manifesto page counts are different. But the best one found at #TeamDorner has to be Glenn Beck's claim that Dorner's killing spree was part of a plan by "radical progressives" to create an "oppressive government." After all, the best conspiracy theory events draw grist from whackjobs on the left and the right. (BuzzFeed)

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