10 Who Have Been or Could be Mistaken for Manhunt Subject Christopher Jordan Dorner

Thanks to Facebook, fan sites and law-enforcement alerts, it seems as if we have seen every known photo and video of Christopher Jordan Dorner created over the past decade or so.

But that hasn't stopped lookiloos, his hunters and conspiracy theorists from confusing the 33-year-old with a whole bunch of people who are NOT the triple-homicide suspect.

What follows are but 10 who have been or could be mistaken for Chris Dorner:

Emma Hernandez
The 71-year-old was delivering the Los Angeles Times on Redbeam Avenue in Torrance early Thursday when LAPD detectives guarding a "high-value target" of Dorner's filled her blue Toyota Tacoma (a small pickup) with bullets. Hernandez was shot twice in the back and later was reported in stable condition. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck called it an unfortunate case of mistaken identity and says he'll replace the Tacoma. Perhaps his dicks need to get their eyes checked: Dorner had been driving a Nissan Titan (a full-size pickup).

Margie Carranza
The 47-year-old was helping her mother toss papers on Redbeam. She received stitches on her finger from glass shattered in the shoot-'em-up. Perhaps it's worth noting the women are petite; one of them is not even 5 feet tall. Dorner is 6-foot, 270 pounds. That's certainly relevant to the ladies' lawyer, Glen T. Jonas, who has vowed to sue. Click here for the video these grainy images are based on, which was shot by a Redbeam neighbor.

David Perdue
Poor Richard's News
Thankfully, the Redondo Beach resident was not injured when--shortly after and a short distance away from where the newspaper ladies were fired upon--Torrance police stopped his black pickup, questioned him, and then, as he drove away, broadsided him and opened fire. At least his Honda Ridgeline more closely resembled Dorner's. But Perdue is thin and white, while besides being the dimensions mentioned above Dorner is African-American. Robert Sheahen, Dorner's attorney, is contemplating a suit.

Motel guest
Law enforcement swarmed a motel on the Point Loma military base Thursday when someone reported seeing Dorner there. It turned out the suspect had checked in last Tuesday, Feb. 5, but he never checked out. That was unfortunate for this unidentified fellow, who said he was in the motel because he had business in the area when he was "bombarded" by cops, prompting him to "put his hands in the air quickly." (Hat tip to Heavy.com.)

Not Chris Dorner
People who support Chris Dorner have taken to Facebook to point out quite publicly they are not Chris Dorner. The goal: not to get shot. The other goal: to shame the LAPD for its brutal past. The other other goal: to make this blog. Roger that!

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