San Bernardino Sheriff's Department Won't Disclose Name of Deputy Slain by Christopher Dorner, But Fellow Cops Do on Facebook

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I know the name of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's-Coroner Department (SBCSCD) deputy whose life was tragically cut short today by Christopher Dorner, the ex-Los Angeles police officer who has been on a murderous rampage this past week. In fact, I knew almost from the moment he was confirmed dead by his bosses and his body taken to the coroner's.

I don't have sources with the sheriff's department, or even know many people in San Bernardino. But the name of the deputy, that of his family members and significant life events has been all over Facebook this afternoon and evening, spread not by trolls, but by law-enforcement officials themselves on their personal Facebook pages.

I bring this up only because SBCSCD officials have so far refused to disclose the deputy's name out of what they say is respect for his family and have scolded the media most of today for revealing information they didn't want revealed, for asking questions they didn't want asked, and for demanding media blackouts because they can.

I won't reveal the deputy's name out of respect for the family of the deceased--besides, it'll come out soon enough, and we don't need to break that news. But perhaps San Bernardino sheriffs should crack down on the loose lips of their own deputies and fellow law-enforcement officers instead of the press?

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Mitchell_Young topcommenter

"I won't reveal the deputy's name out of respect for the family of the deceased-"

Mighty white of you!

JBinOC topcommenter

I didn't see the Facebook posts, but I'm assuming the law enforcement officers were merely venting some of the anger and hurt they felt over the loss of their friend and/or comrade. In addition, the sheriff's department is overwhelmed by the intense pressure to both capture the killer and protect other potential targets, and is trying to be as cautious and conservative as possible while under the glare of a worldwide audience

Imagine if one of your Stick a Fork in It bloggers was murdered while harvesting nopales in Puebla...

and that law enforcement asked that details not be publicized, to not risk compromising the criminal case or the safety of others.  I doubt you'd not hesitate to mourn the blogger, non-anonymously, all over the pages of this infernal Web site.....

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

@JBinOC Your analogy is ridiculous, and all you're offering are excuses for cops to have a double standard. My point remains.


@GustavoArellano @JBinOC and it is a valid one, Gustavo. The name of the fallen deputy was sent to me this morning by a fellow deputy. I see no reason, not just for the double standard, but for withholding the name altogether at this point. It's not morbid curiosity that drives this. Rather, it is a genuine desire to mourn w with the family. I won't write his name here, out of deference to you but, I suggest you publish it. There is no legal our moral reason to withhold it.

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