San Bernardino Sheriff's Department Won't Disclose Name of Deputy Slain by Christopher Dorner, But Fellow Cops Do on Facebook

Categories: 2013 Homicides
I know the name of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's-Coroner Department (SBCSCD) deputy whose life was tragically cut short today by Christopher Dorner, the ex-Los Angeles police officer who has been on a murderous rampage this past week. In fact, I knew almost from the moment he was confirmed dead by his bosses and his body taken to the coroner's.

I don't have sources with the sheriff's department, or even know many people in San Bernardino. But the name of the deputy, that of his family members and significant life events has been all over Facebook this afternoon and evening, spread not by trolls, but by law-enforcement officials themselves on their personal Facebook pages.

I bring this up only because SBCSCD officials have so far refused to disclose the deputy's name out of what they say is respect for his family and have scolded the media most of today for revealing information they didn't want revealed, for asking questions they didn't want asked, and for demanding media blackouts because they can.

I won't reveal the deputy's name out of respect for the family of the deceased--besides, it'll come out soon enough, and we don't need to break that news. But perhaps San Bernardino sheriffs should crack down on the loose lips of their own deputies and fellow law-enforcement officers instead of the press?

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