[UPDATE: W/VIDEO OF CALL] KCBS-TV Channel 2 Falls for Howard Stern Prank Call During Christopher Dorner Shootout Coverage!

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Read below for the latest update . . .

ORIGINAL POST, FEB. 12, 2:16 P.M: Just happened a couple of minutes ago: KCBS-TV Channel 2 took a phone call from someone who claimed to be with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, whose officers engaged Christopher Dorner in a shootout earlier this afternoon. They said that one of the officers was able to shoot Dorner.

Name of the officer? Ronnie Mund. When the KCBS anchor asked again, the caller said, "Ronnie the Limo Driver."

He's, of course, from The Howard Stern Show, which escaped the anchor. She still thought that Ronnie the Limo Driver was an actual name, an actual officer, until the caller said, "Don't you realize this is a prank call?"

Then a producer hung up. HILARIOUS! And a Baba Booey to y'all!

UPDATE, 2:33 P.M.: When I heard the Channel 2 call, I thought it was Captain Janks, the legendary LA-based Howard Stern fan who has been prank-calling news stations in the Southland for almost 20 years. Twitter chatter said the same, and now, the confirmation: Janks is tweeting all the love!

Turns out that Janks also punked KNX-AM 1070. Unsurprisingly, LA media figures are already mad, much to Janks' glee:


 And I forgot to mention that Janks gave a shout-out to Ronnie's Block Party. VIVA CAPTAIN JANKS! And does anyone see O.J.?

UPDATE, 2:43 P.M.: And here it is. Watch it while you can . . .

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