Anaheim City School District Replaces Interim Superintendent with an Interim Interim Supe--Huh?

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King: out
Last night, the Anaheim City School District (ACSD) board of trustees announced that their long search for a permanent superintendent had yet to end, but one thing was certain: not only was interim superintendent Chris King NOT a candidate to become the permanent choice, but he would also no longer lead the district on an interim basis, period.

King has been received warmly by the district's principals and teachers and had applied to become the permanent supe. But sources tell the Weekly he's the victim of infighting on the board between one faction of trustees led by Los Amigos head (and board member and member of our 2012 Scariest People list) Jose Moreno that wants King outta Anaheim, and another faction that wanted him to stay.

King is not without his critics, but the decision to not even offer him a chance at an interview after steering the district since last summer has angered his supporters, many whom were in attendance at last night's board meeting and let the trustees have it. They also weren't pleased with the board's lack of transparency in the selection process for the permanent selection.

"They have not told us who they're considering," one parent told the Weekly. "They've been dragging this on for too long, and don't care about what we think."

Replacing the interim supe on an interim basis is ACSD assistant superintendent of education Mary Grace. How long will the interim replace the interim? Who will be the final choice? Details to come...

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Fighting???  I'm surprised there is any fighting.  The distinguished Chicano Studies professor from my alma mater usually ensures everyone succumbs to his whims.  It is commonly known that Dr. Moreno has dominated this school board since the carpetbagger arrived in Anaheim in the mid-2000s.  Those of us who do not share his ethnic identity are often kept in silence because the tactic is to call everyone who does not agree with him a racist.  It is said that even he was the ONE in the 1-4 minority he ruled because he intimidated and coerced district personnel through race baiting. 

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