The 13 Grossest Things Found on a Recent Cleanup of Black Star Canyon

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Cindy Crawford
Canyon Guardians pose in Black Star Canyon on February 2, 2013.
Feb. 2 marked the first gathering of the Canyon Guardians, a league of energetic volunteers committed to the stewardship of our local wilderness.

High-school and middle-school students, outdoor enthusiasts, and naturalists joined forces to remove as much trail trash and graffiti as possible within a three-hour period. Armed with reusable grocery bags, gardening gloves, trash tongs and poker sticks, they scoured the parking lot and trail for any form of pollution that would degrade the aesthetic or habitat value of the sensitive area.
Found items included (in order from exciting to gross):

1) Canadian dollars

2) Tigger head pillow

3) Container of glow sticks

4) Beanie

5) Socks

6) 5-Hour Energy plastic container

7) 7-Eleven beverage cup with environmental message

8) Car hubcap

9) Vodka, malt liquor, beer and other glass bottles

10) Countless beer cans

11) Countless plastic beverage containers

12) Dog poop in plastic bags

13) Used tampon hidden in sagebrush
Cindy Crawford
Bags of trash accumulated in front of No Dumping sign at Black Star Canyon Road.

Along the way, many passing trail users noticed our effort and thanked us.

The popular hiking destinations receive daily dumping and vandalism from inconsiderate trail users. Why would anyone want to trash a beautiful place? Look no further than Frank R. Bowerman Landfill, one of the largest landfills in California. Tucked into the foothills of OC, the landfill used to be called Bee Canyon, but now it is full of our waste--31 million tons, to be exact. As long as we continue to produce crap, we gotta find a place to put it. I guess certain trail users are just carrying on a canyon-dumping tradition. Heaven forbid we take responsibility for our waste and stop producing disposable one-use items out of non-renewable resources.

Canyon Guardians will meet at least once a month at different trailheads throughout OC and beyond. The next Canyon Guardian gathering is March 16, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Ortega Falls. Full details and other upcoming Canyon Guardian activities will be listed on the Naturalist for You calendar page.

Canyon Guardians, unite!!! (Cue He-Man theme music.)

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Andrew Nava
Andrew Nava

hope these clean up people have guns......i would gladly take someones life if they r trying to harm me.....self defense isnt murder

Andrew Nava
Andrew Nava

that area is dangerous at night isnt it?...with supposed "locals" and their "this is our private road" bullshit?

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

I'm as much 'reduce, reuse, recycle' as the next guy. I compost -- in fact I track down stray copies of OC Weekly, soak them in my own urine, and put those on the pile. So I think I have the right to say that a sanctioned, regulated dump has nothing to do with trail trash. Lazy, dirty, trail users cause trail trash. 

Joe Provino
Joe Provino

Didn't there used to be a sign stating that the County of Orange is not responsible for any injury or death that may occur beyond this point? I thought that area was off limits...well glad it got cleaned up..

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