Gustavo to Appear on The Tom Leykis Show This Wednesday for Monthly "Ask a Mexican" Hour!

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As I revealed last month, I now only do my ¡Ask a Mexican! bit with Tom Leykis, partly because he's a pal, partly because it's outside the watchful eye of the FCC, but mostly because that means me and Tom can shoot the shit while sipping ON Tequila (don't worry CHP: I have a designated driver at all times). We do it the last Wednesday of every month, which means it'll happen this Wednesday anew.

You know the drill, boyos: tune into at 3 p.m. PST to listen to Leykis and I take random phone calls on all non-Mexican subjects. But at 4 p.m., start calling in with your Mexican questions.

And since it's Wednesday, that means 5 p.m. is time for Tom's every-Wednesday "Beeeeeeee Funny" hour, in which listeners call in with jokes, skits, and insults. Obviously, given a bunch of Mexicans will be in studio, I encourage folks to call in with Mexican and Puerto Rican jokes, but also appreciate Christopher Dorner ones. Tune in then, and Tom: take me out KOBE style!

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Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Didn't Leykis have a nervous breakdown a few years ago? Probably never recovered 100%.


Way to go Gus......nothing like plugging yourself...........


@Mitchell_Young probably not 100%, probably more like 99.9%, but it's all good because he is a funny guy even operating at 99.9%.

Lajimmy if you can only put a plug in Mitch's ass!

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