[W/AUDIO] Anaheim Police Association Robocall Attacks Mayor Tait Ahead of Council Meeting

Anaheim Police Association
Ahead of tonight's city council meeting, the Anaheim Police Association sent out robocalls attacking Mayor Tom Tait by saying he's supportive of "policies and procedures that will lead to more violence against police and less public safety."

The voice making the accusations is that of APA President Kerry Condon. This, of course, comes a month after the council voted to task the city manager's office with coming up with a police oversight proposal in wake of all of last year's controversy--or what we simply deem in this blog as the 'Anaheim Police Shooting Desmadre.'

Tait is the sole politician singled out by name. In his February 5, 2013 State of the City speech, the mayor pushed for, among other things, the creation of a citizen's review commission to rebuild broken trust between certain communities and the police department.

Tait = FTP? Nah...
Taking issue with possible reforms on the horizon, Condon urged residents to sign a petition in support of Anaheim Police, contact council members and show up to City Hall this evening. The robocall follows an email blast by the association along similar lines. No word if any special T-shirts will be made for the occasion a la Fullerton.

As to how would a citizen's review commission in any way endanger the lives of police? Interested parties will have to see what logic APA supporters are operating on this evening. We think they doth protest too much! The structural outline apparently favored by the city manager seems rather tame--much more details to come!

In the meantime, here's a recording of Condon's call to action (well, most of it anyway) forwarded to the Weekly and now passed on to you the reader.

Audio recording >>

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18usc241 topcommenter

So let's review Kerry Condon's speech to the Anaheim city council on 01/15/13 shall we. 

"I know this topic (civilian review boards) has been brought to the city by outspoken groups who know nothing of how the Anaheim Police Department polices itself. " 

So the victims of OC law enforcement's criminal behavior who then see how these officers get away with it don't know anything about how "the Anaheim Police Department polices itself".  Oh I see ... continue. 

"This agenda item has come only after two recent police officer involved shootings last July."

You conveniently forget to consider the decades of abuse but hey "OUTSPOKEN GROUPS" are sort of subhuman anyway right?  Last summer they were OUTsiders. Now they are OUTspoken. I wonder if this is not-so-subtle Orwellian code speak for "GET OUT OF OUR COUNTY BOY".  

"Civilian review boards come to police departments only after years of proven bad behavior and corruption on behalf of bad law enforcement agencies and not due to two incidents that occurred only 6 months prior with still no report by the outside investigating agencies."

Again "two incidents" Really? You know how a certain religious group allegedly shelters it's celebrity members from the true nature of the institution. I wonder if people like Kerry Condon are sheltered in the same manner so that they one day can become presidents of police associations and say the things that they say and really mean it. 

"Orange County District Attorney’s Office / Office of Independent review / Anaheim Police Department’s Internal Affairs Department / Anaheim Police Department Command Staff  / Special Prosecutions Bureau / Major Incident Review Team / Police Chiefs Advisory Board" 

Talk about name dropping! Wow, I didn't know there were so many groups looking out for us little people. I wonder which group flushed my VERY PUBLIC and VERY SERIOUS complaints down the toilet first starting in late 2011.  

"In 2012, the Anaheim Police Department handled about 180,000 calls for service and incidents, during this same time period there were only 19 alleged complaints generated from the community outside the department." 

That's because the other 119 complaints were not filed due to a very real fear for one's safety. Think - what happens to people when they owe the mob money. 

"We need to educate the community more on why and how we conduct ourselves in our profession"

That can't possibly be true because if you did that you would bunking with Mike Carona by sundown. 


The world's leading expert on OC law enforcement leadership corruption and criminality because I'm a victim of it 


Kerry Condon is the most useless tool in Anaheim. The men and women of APD should be ashamed to have this idiot representing them. 

paullucas714 topcommenter

I would suggest that Tait seek the resignation of the top staf and management of the APD for this.

gabrielsanroman topcommenter

@cynthia241 The APA in general is very blunt in its messaging unlike the department's politically savvy Chief.

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