[UPDATED with Student-Receptionist-Stripper?] 4 Dead in A.M. Shooting Spree

Updates throughout. The latest is Update No. 8 at the bottom of page 4 with conflicting reports about the female victim's employment.

ORIGINAL POST, FEB. 19, 8:22 A.M.: Three people were killed and two others were wounded in a 25-minute spree of shootings that began in an upscale Ladera Ranch neighborhood this morning, and then moved near freeways in Tustin before ending with the gunman's apparent suicide in Villa Park.

The first victim was a woman found dead in her home at 5 Red Leaf Lane, Ladera Ranch, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

It is believed that the male gunman then fired on victims as he tried to flee the area by carjacking vehicles starting about 5:30 a.m. around the 5 and 55 freeways, according to the Tustin Police Department.

Closures and police investigations are under way in Tustin: at the 55 freeway and McFadden Street in Tustin, near where a vehicle was carjacked behind a computer store; Edinger Avenue and Del Amo; and El Camino Real and Red Hill Avenue.

Some victims were fatally shot as the gunmen took their cars, while innocent bystanders were also wounded by ammo rounds. One woman reported seeing the man exit an SUV with two large firearms.

The man believed to be the gunman was found driving on the 55 freeway before leading a short chase that ended with him getting out of a vehicle at Villa Park and Wanda roads in Villa Park and taking his own life.

These details are coming fast and furious and are subject to change given the ongoing investigation, so this post will be updated.

UPDATE NO. 1, FEB. 19, 10:38 A.M.: Local law enforcement is not ready to release the identities of the gunman and victims in this morning's chaotic shooting spree, although they do offer hope of having that information for the media at a 2 p.m. press conference.

At a just-concluded press conference by spokesmen from the Tustin and Santa Ana police departments and Orange County Sheriff's Department, the following new details were revealed:

- A shotgun was recovered next to the white male in his 20s who apparently took his own life in Villa Park after the rampage. The spokesmen do not yet know if other weapons were used.

- Each of three carjackings blamed on that suspect involved gunfire. The first victim, near Red Hill Avenue and the 5 freeway in Tustin, is surviving his wounds.

- The second victim, near the southbound 55 freeway and McFadden Avenue in Santa Ana, was led at gunpoint out of his BMW and to the curb, then executed in cold blood.

- There were two victims at the next crime scene, which is at Edinger Avenue east of the 55 behind the Micro Center computer store in Tustin. One person died and the second is being treated for gunshot wounds.

- The gunman is believed to fired random rounds at passing motorists either from a parked vehicle alongside the freeways or after getting out of a vehicle. At least three people came forward to say their vehicles had been damaged, and one of them suffered a minor injury. Investigators are encouraging other possible victims to come forward immediately.

- The FBI and California Highway Patrol are also involved in the investigations, which at this point include four dead (including the suspect), two recovering from gunshot wounds and the one person who suffered a minor wound in the random spray of gunfire.

- Authorities hope to have more on the relationship (if any) between the gunman and the woman who was shot to death in Ladera Ranch, what the motive was from the shooting spree and identifications at a 2 p.m. press conference.

- The sheriff's department had received no prior calls to the 5 Red Leaf Lane address in Ladera Ranch. "It's a very quiet community," explained Jim Amormino, the sheriff's spokesman. "It is very rare anything of this nature would happen in that community."

- There are no known children victims.

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