Black Family's Plight Prompts Church and OC Human Relations to Host "Listening Session"

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Had an interesting email exchange this morning with Rusty Kennedy, executive director of OC Human Relations.

He'd shared an email about a "Listening Session" being held at an African American church in Yorba Linda Sunday in light of November's revelation about racism a black family says drove them out of the city.

This will make more sense if we go in chronological order. In November, I posted this:

Yorba Linda Drives Black Family Out to Land of More Gracious Living: Corona

It's about a police officer, his sheriff's deputy wife and their children--African American all--having moved out of Yorba Linda for Corona because of the racism they say they encountered in their 1 1/2 years in "The Land of Gracious Living." But before they left for what has so far been a more welcoming community, the mother, identified as Anitra, shared the family's sad tale with Kennedy.

We normally hear from the OC Human Relations chief when his commission releases its annual report tallying up reported hate crimes in Orange County (or when Board of Supervisors members cut the panel's funding). But in this instance Kennedy detailed the hell the black family went through in an email to "Friends of the Commission." Also attached was a copy of a letter a heartbroken commission chairwoman Carol Turpen sent to the family.

You can read both in that original post linked above. Several readers did, as witnessed by the number of Facebook likes, retweets and especially the comments, many of which came from presumed whites blasting me and Kennedy for exposing the family's story without more corroboration (or, in my case, doing so in such a snarky fashion). To be fair and balanced, there were also reactions left by folks who said they were African American and had also experienced racism in Orange County.

AND, I heard via Facebook and an annual holiday get together from dear friends who happen to live near where Anitra's family used to in Yorba Linda and whose children attended the same school that Anitra's did. More on that after today's message from Kennedy about the Listening Session . . .

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