23 Inmates from OC Third-Strike Prosecutions Are Getting Prop 36 Re-Sentencing Hearings

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Remember Proposition 36, otherwise known as the Three-Strikes Law, that California voters passed in 1994? Remember Proposition 36, which ensures a convict's third strike is for a "serious or violent" offense, that we voted in last November? Because of the latter Prop 36 passage, 23 prisoners serving third strikes from Orange County prosecutions are getting re-sentencing hearings.

The Orange County District Attorney's office provided the chart below that I wish I was savvy enough to convert into an easier-to-read format than what I've done here:



For a clearer view, go here: www.orangecountyda.com/home/index.asp?page=8&recordid=3344.

Wherever you read it, I was surprised that there are even more who have controlled substance possession for third strikes than I would have imagined.

The DA's office says it has received more than 80 petitions for re-sentencing under Prop 36.

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