23 Inmates from OC Third-Strike Prosecutions Are Getting Prop 36 Re-Sentencing Hearings

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Remember Proposition 36, otherwise known as the Three-Strikes Law, that California voters passed in 1994? Remember Proposition 36, which ensures a convict's third strike is for a "serious or violent" offense, that we voted in last November? Because of the latter Prop 36 passage, 23 prisoners serving third strikes from Orange County prosecutions are getting re-sentencing hearings.

The Orange County District Attorney's office provided the chart below that I wish I was savvy enough to convert into an easier-to-read format than what I've done here:



For a clearer view, go here: www.orangecountyda.com/home/index.asp?page=8&recordid=3344.

Wherever you read it, I was surprised that there are even more who have controlled substance possession for third strikes than I would have imagined.

The DA's office says it has received more than 80 petitions for re-sentencing under Prop 36.

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paullucas714 topcommenter

Kind of ironic that the prop 36 of 2012 is basically saying that those who got 3rd striked for posession should have gotten prop 36 drug court instead isnt it?

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