Laguna Niguel Pedophile: Force Wasn't Necessary To Repeatedly Rape Girl, 8

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Kathie's mom didn't know it but when she left for work from the Laguna Niguel apartment she shared with her boyfriend and eventual husband, David Garcia Sanchez, he routinely molested her eight-year-old daughter.

A terrified Kathie, born in 1996 in Mexico, tried to physically resist Sanchez, born in 1969. But she was no match when he forced her head to his penis, digitally penetrated and orally copulated her, and raped (vaginally and anally) her during several years, according to court records.

Sanchez was much bigger, 27 years older and had command presence in the household. The little girl called him "dad" and eventually shared the horrible secret with her mom, who'd previously thought so much of the pedophile that she had agreed to marry him.

In a 2009 trial, Orange County prosecutors nailed Sanchez for committing multiple lewd acts on a child and aggravated sexual assault on a child. A judge sentenced him to prison, but he didn't go away quietly. He appealed his convictions, claiming that the government's case was faulty. He didn't, he insists, use any force to commit his sex crimes.

California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana rejected his complaint in 2011 by determining that the facts of the case easily proved Sanchez had overcome the girl's will to satisfy himself sexually. They noted, for example, that he had held down the girl with his hands during the rapes and didn't stop the sexual abuse even after she punched and scratched him.

A determined Sanchez--who acknowledges he held down the girl but claims he did so "lightly" and never used threatening words--moved his complaints to federal court.

This month, U.S. District Court Judge Margaret M. Morrow reviewed a detailed report on the case by a magistrate judge and accepted it's findings: there's sound legal reasoning why this pedophile has been permanently removed from society.

Upshot: Sanchez, 43, will continue to serve eight consecutive terms of 15 years to life--or a whopping 120-year punishment--inside Ironwood State Prison in Blythe.

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