Orange County Probation Department Fires Employees Involved in Sex Scandal

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If there's anything the Orange County Department of Probation can learn from the recent firing of six employees, it's that housing male and female inmates in the same dorm can lead to sex.  

Today the Orange County Office of Independent Review (OIR) released a report of its findings regarding the incident, which occurred in February 2011 and highlighted security lapses at a Juvenile Hall Facility in Orange where two minor inmates were found having sex with one another. 

According to the report, the probation department responded  "quickly" and "assertively" to the incident involving the minors and identified "16 employees potentially implicated in a pattern of failure to do required checks, and allegedly falsifying the records that document those checks."

The report added that six of those officers have been handed pink slips while three have been put back to work based on a showing of "lesser culpability." Two left the department early in the investigation, two retired and the fate of one of the officers remains under review.

The mission of the OIR, headed by attorney Steven J. Connolly, is to increase public confidence in local law enforcement agencies, but is seen by many as an impotent office with no power to effect meaningful policy changes. After the incident the probation department told the Orange County Register that the practice of housing male and female inmates together arose from limited resources. It reportedly changed its policy as a result. 

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"housing male and female inmates together arose from limited resources". Interesting that most of the staff at Juvenile Hall were originally told it was some kind of grand experiment to "socialize" the kids. 

The fact is, the Orange County is a relatively safe place for kids and this is, truly, an anomaly. And, while there may have been a few bad apples among the staff, the majority by and far are competent and perform their job professionally. The Register, conducting themselves in their usual half-assed crap reporting style, took everyone's word for it that no other juvenile hall had co-ed housing when at least a half-dozen, up and down the state, was doing the exact same thing.

The staff involved may have deserved to be fired. Don't confuse these folks with the 250 or so who continue to conduct themselves professionally and competently in less than ideal conditions in an effort to protect the public and provide some guidance to Orange County's wayward youth.

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