WhiteHouse.gov Petition Wants Birthers Like Orly Taitz to Pay Up for Frivolous Lawsuits

Dr. Orly, esq.
The petition-gathering page at WhiteHouse.gov, which aims to create the appearance of open government and we the people and yadda yadda yadda, rolled into news cycles thanks to the Sandy Hook massacre. Gun control might divide even latte-stained, beret-wearing Weeklings, but a new WhiteHouse.gov petition we all can get behind calls for sticking birthers like Aliso Viejo's Orly Taitz with the government's legal bills to fight their asinine lawsuits.

Taitz, of course, routinely gets rejected in federal courts across the land as she seeks to have President Barack Obama removed from office because, she claims, he was not born in the U.S., and the lawyer/dentist/real-estate saleslady/Arianna Huffington voice coach scores goose eggs about as often as she tries to keep Barry off ballots, get his birth certificate, win the release of his college records or otherwise make Donald Trump hard. 

Sometimes, judges have ordered Taitz to pay fees or fines for her judicial missteps, prompting ol' Orl to turn to her nutbar base for donations. But there remains the cost of occupying the time of members of the court system--think judges, clerks and napping bailiffs--and paperwork and other matters with associated costs.

Actually, why should I explain it? Here's the petition intro:

we petition the obama administration to:

Mandate the AG to seek sanctions, costs, and attorneys' fees to recover taxpayer funds used to defend birther lawsuits.

Hundreds of repetitious and frivolous lawsuits have been filed challenging President Obama's status as a natural born citizen. These lawsuits have clogged up the courts and cost the taxpayers millions of dollars in court costs and attorneys' fees.

We, the taxpayers, respectfully petition for an Executive Order or directive to the Attorney General to seek to recover taxpayer funds expended in defending frivolous Birther lawsuits by requesting sanctions, costs, and attorneys' fees in each and every pending or future case.

Created: Jan 14, 2013
Issues: Budget and Taxes

Organizers want 25,000 signatures by Feb. 13. As of this posting, they have 317. Go HERE to sign on--and don't forget your long-form birth certificate.

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Von Henchy
Von Henchy

kinda funny really. The government wanting money for wasting taxpayers money..just a bit of hypocricy.


I fully support that, but the optics would be awful and just throw gasoline on the fire. Let Hillary do it in 2017 when she's president.


the california state bar needs to go after her for abuse of process


SIGNED . This nut job has no business being in OUR country with her treasonous and anti-American activities. She hates and disrespects our judicial system, and our Constitution. The courts have been more than patient with her--too much imo. She and what few supporters she has left (she has even turned off the majority of birthers) need to be labled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law. Her delusions are inciting violence and I fear that she or one of her followers will harm someone eventually. She must be stopped, fined, sanctioned, disbarred and then deported.


@dccindy47 How many signatures needed to get Mitch Young deported?

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

@JackGrimshaw Hey Jack

Send me a one way ticket to Spain, 6 months rent, and work out how I can stay there legally ... and I'll gladly depart this rapidly third worldizing shithole.


Yeah, who wants to live in a country with a failing economy over-run by Spanish speakers!

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