[UPDATED with Peeper's I.D. Said Known:] Louis C.K. Stars as Unlucky Louie on Park Flier Warning of a Huntington Beach Peeping Tom

See the update on page 2 where a source claims to know the peeping tom (and it's not the star of Louie).

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ORIGINAL POST, JAN. 21, 11:42 A.M.: Louis C.K., who has experienced a career renaissance with his excellent FX comedy series, live performance DVDs and assorted online videos, really looks the part for his latest "gig."

Sadly for him, it involves appearing on a flier that warns of a neighborhood peeping tom and is affixed to a pole in a Huntington Beach park.

leans toward the display being a #hoax on Twitter. Go to her Lockerz page for more photos like this one:

The Louis C.K. mugshots appear on the other side of the pole.
If this is not the most specifically targeted, [park] grass-roots marketing campaign ever, someone has to explain what Unlucky Louie ever did to Surf City to deserve this.

Had they been mugshots of Jim Norton, no one would be surprised.

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Joe's just hating ocweekly for exposing him back in September. Joe Gil stabbed a 16 year old boy. He and his mom tried walking around claiming he was attacked by a gang of kids. There were three young boys smaller than his 220 lb body. Joe stabbed the young boy in his chest and his back. He is 31 years old and is a coward. He brags about killing kids and getting away with it. He says he is the new sheriff in town. Ya...in his leopard skinned dreams. He likes to smoke weed and drink with kids and then tell on them to the local police. When the balls drop, get ahold of me Joe.


@Joe. Don't be bitter at ocweekly for stating the facts. Heres some facts you may enjoy: You're an adult (technically speaking) who stabbed and killed a 16 year old boy. You brag about getting away with murdering a child to your little friends while hiding out like a rat. BTW love mom's new cams! You're a tool and a coward. Talk to me...


@Joe is just bitter at the plain fact that ocweekly exposed him back in September for who he really is...a child murderer!

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

He's Mexican. If his isn't guilty of this, he's guilty of some other dastardly deed.

Eric Broome
Eric Broome

My brain initially parsed this as a message about Tom Waits.

Joe Alkaline
Joe Alkaline

by the way the oc weekly is full of bull shit some of the story's that they put up are bull shit and dont even know what they are talking about half of the time i dont even buy this louis c.k. story!


@Joe Alkaline you're a tool and a murderer. Don't be mad at ocweekly when you're really just mad at yourself. BTW love the cams!


@Joe Alkaline Hey, Joe the Schmo: English (not gibberish) language, syntax, spelling and punctuation are the preferred medium here ... 

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@Joe Alkaline You're right, Joe, I have such a rich and developed mind that I plucked the name "Louis C.K." out of the recesses of my mind, stuck him on a poster that I created and affixed to a pole which I photographed and said was on PCH in Huntington Beach, CA--even though he is based in New York City--because I just KNEW that would be implausible enough that the masses would never figure it out. Congrats on exposing me.

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