John Moorlach, County Board of Supes Chairman, Goes Toe to Toes on the Nose with Surfrider Over Trestles Landmark Designation

It's unclear what's bigger news: that Orange County Board of Supervisors Chairman John Moorlach is a "fan" of the Surfrider Foundation or that the longtime GOP conservative powerbroker is dubious of the San Clemente-based clean-water activists proposal to have Trestles declared a California Historical Landmark.

Both revelations are found in a Moorlach blog posted Friday.

You can read the full post at, but the supervisor essentially begins by laying out his knowledge and fondness of state and national historical landmarks, calls himself a longtime preservationist and then confides he has "a tough time swallowing the request to make Trestles a member of this effort to preserve national treasures."

Moorlach says his "cynical side" informs him the Surfrider proposal is not really aimed at glorifying the famous surf breaks and nearby lovely terrain but a "cute move" to further thwart the 241 toll road extension the board chairman and much of Orange County's establishment wants to carve into the Trestles area and the San Diego County border area.

Alerted via Twitter to Moorlach's blog post, Surfrider responded:

The State Historical Resources Commission on Feb. 8 will consider the request to add Upper and Lower Trestles and its surf breaks and beaches within San Onofre State Beach as an official landmark on the National Register of Historic Places.

Whaddya think? Should it be?

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