[UPDATED with 'Ghost' Makes Final Farewell:] Huell Howser Leaves This Earth But What About Comic James Adomian's Impersonation?

See the update at the end of this post about where you can hear the comic's ghostly "final farewell" from "a different Huelliverse."

James Adomian
ORIGINAL POST, JAN. 7, 2:50 P.M.: The Mexican broke the news earlier about LA public television legend and tireless Port of Long Beach defender Huell Howser passing away.

Which has me wondering will this also spell the end of comedian James Adomian's spot-on impersonation of ol' Huell?

Huell Howser, California TV Legend, Passes Away :-(

The only thing more awesome than hearing Adomian channel the voice of Howser on Orange Coast College product Scott Aukerman's Comedy Death Ray/Comedy Bang! Bang! podcasts is seeing Adomian in full Huell get-up on the televised version of Scott Saucerman's Comedy Bang! Bang! on IFC.

Huell Howser (James Adomian) asks Comedy Bang! Bang! host Scott Aukerman a riveting question.
Best Radio Personality 2011: Scott Aukerman

As you'd expect, Adomian gave Howser a fitting send-off via Twitter:

The arts section at our Voice sistah paper later LA Weekly has enlisted Adomian to pen a tribute to Howser. Here's hoping the comic's at least wearing the wig while writing that.

UPDATE, JAN. 24, 8:26 A.M.: The latest Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast is titled "A Different Huelliverse" because even though actor/comedian Jeff Garlin is the scheduled guest, "The ghost of Huell Howser appears to share what the afterlife is like, he takes Scott & Jeff through time, and says his final farewell," according to Aukerman's Earwolf Studios.

Hear it for yourself at: earwolf.com/episode/a-different-huelliverse/.

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