5 Sets of Stats on How We Viewed Porn in 2012

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Which U.S. state viewed the most videos in 2012 (per capita measurement: vdeos watched per person throughout the year):
Four scores and seven lap dances ago ...
District of Columbia - 14.18
Hawaii - 7.57
Massachusetts - 7.52
New York - 7.50
Rhode Island - 7.28
New Jersey - 7.21
New Hampshire - 7.06
Connecticut - 7.03
Maryland - 6.67
Gives whole new meaning to pork barrel politics, doesn't it? No wonder the fiscal cliff deal took so long, everyone was wanking instead of negotiating. Actually, looking at landmarks like the breasty Capitol dome, erect Washington Monument and lap-dance ready Lincoln Memorial all day gets folks hot.

Highest trafficked day of the year (total for U.S.):
Dec. 27, 2012 - 12.82 million visitors
Time with family Dec. 24-26 obviously interrupted daily "chores" and had tons of consumers returning on the same day to TCB. 

Lowest day of the year U.S. (in descending order of traffic):
Christmas Day (Dec. 25, 2012)
Thanksgiving (Nov. 22, 2012)
Easter Sunday (April 8, 2012)
Christmas Eve (Dec. 24, 2012)
Independence Day (July 4, 2012)
But Groundhog Day (Feb. 2, 2012) saw a spike in visits to furry fetish sites.

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