Hillary Clinton Wins First Inadvertent Republican Endorsement For 2016

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Dana Rohrabacher 767000.jpg
Dana Rohrabacher
has been known to shock.

I remember years ago when our tequila-guzzling Orange County congressman attended a Costa Mesa public forum wearing a food-product soiled, tattered, plaid sports coat and mismatched lime green shirt that accumulated in a visual wreck that may have caused eyeball damage to anyone within 50 feet.

Rohrabacher--who insists to reporters that he's the "surfin' congressman" even though he uses a child-safe, boogie board--is at it again.

This time, however, he's using words and instead of employing his usual, hilariously fake bluster, he's tossing a soft, verbal kiss to an unlikely cheek.

Residents of Kookville, are you seated?

Rohrabacher, the county's senior career politician and a glorified member of the rightwing, rubber chicken circuit because of all his wild conspiracy theories about Democrats, is--drum roll, please--a huge fan of Hillary Clinton

That's not a misprint.

Hillary Clinton--the wife of the man Rohrabacher believes was an agent of the Chinese communist military.

Hillary Clinton Dana Rohrabacher ocw.jpg
Clinton: If she's got Dana's fawning respect, whose next? Sean Hannity? Glenn Beck? The NRA?
Here was Rohrabacher's description of the outgoing secretary of state to a Voice of America reporter yesterday: "She has given this country 20 years of decent, good service. And I am not about to sling mud at her. She maybe made a bad call [leading to the lethal terrorist attack on U.S. government agents in Benghazi]. She has made 20 years of good calls."


Re-read his last sentence. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Rohrabacher--usually a mix between Father CoughlinRoy Cohen, Manti Te'o and H.R. Haldeman--just made the first 2016 presidential campaign advertisement for a future President Hillary Clinton.

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jose257 topcommenter

Hillary the marijuana prohibitionist and Bill the "I never inhaled" liar are standing by for the big campaign contributions to keep waging the drug war. 

jose257 topcommenter

The GOP wants Hillary to run because she is a marijuana prohibitionist.  This allows the GOP to dodge the drug war that has so many Americans outraged.

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