Hillary Clinton Wins First Inadvertent Republican Endorsement For 2016

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Dana Rohrabacher 767000.jpg
Dana Rohrabacher
has been known to shock.

I remember years ago when our tequila-guzzling Orange County congressman attended a Costa Mesa public forum wearing a food-product soiled, tattered, plaid sports coat and mismatched lime green shirt that accumulated in a visual wreck that may have caused eyeball damage to anyone within 50 feet.

Rohrabacher--who insists to reporters that he's the "surfin' congressman" even though he uses a child-safe, boogie board--is at it again.

This time, however, he's using words and instead of employing his usual, hilariously fake bluster, he's tossing a soft, verbal kiss to an unlikely cheek.

Residents of Kookville, are you seated?

Rohrabacher, the county's senior career politician and a glorified member of the rightwing, rubber chicken circuit because of all his wild conspiracy theories about Democrats, is--drum roll, please--a huge fan of Hillary Clinton

That's not a misprint.

Hillary Clinton--the wife of the man Rohrabacher believes was an agent of the Chinese communist military.

Hillary Clinton Dana Rohrabacher ocw.jpg
Clinton: If she's got Dana's fawning respect, whose next? Sean Hannity? Glenn Beck? The NRA?
Here was Rohrabacher's description of the outgoing secretary of state to a Voice of America reporter yesterday: "She has given this country 20 years of decent, good service. And I am not about to sling mud at her. She maybe made a bad call [leading to the lethal terrorist attack on U.S. government agents in Benghazi]. She has made 20 years of good calls."


Re-read his last sentence. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Rohrabacher--usually a mix between Father CoughlinRoy Cohen, Manti Te'o and H.R. Haldeman--just made the first 2016 presidential campaign advertisement for a future President Hillary Clinton.

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