The Hangover Part III: All Irvine, All the Time?

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Justin Bartha--the George to his Hangover movie franchise co-stars Bradley Cooper's John, Ed Helms' Paul and Zach Galifianakis' Ringo--was just asked on the KTLA Morning News about The Hangover Part III setting given the infamous closure of Route 73.

SAM RUBIN: Does Irvine and Newport Beach play a part in it?

BARTHA: The whole thing takes place in Irvine. It's Hangover Irvine.

Ringo and George on location for The Hangover Part III.
As the set breaks up in laughter, Bartha is heard saying, "Do you think people will like that?"

"I think that would be funny," Rubin answers.

Who knew comedy could be found in Irvine outside City Hall?

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