Tonight's Santa Ana DUI Checkpoint Won't Have at Least One OC Weekling to Kick Around

Categories: DUI-yi-yi
I'm sure glad the Weekly moved from its former HQ in Santa Ana. I'd take Fairview Street south from Civic Center Drive to get home, which means if I worked late tonight and my office was still where it used to be, I'd be cruising through a Santa Ana Police Department DUI checkpoint.

Not that we drink and drug while on the clock here . . . all the time.

The checkpoint is scheduled to run from 7:30 tonight through 1:30 a.m. Saturday near the 400 block of South Fairview.

All drivers who pass through between those hours will be checked for signs of drinking, drugging or not having a valid license to drive (facial ticks give it away every time).

Funding the operation comes from a California Office of Traffic Safety grant, administered through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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