LA Archdiocese Document Dump: The First-Ever Known Tijuana Victim of Pedo-Priest Eleuterio Ramos

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I've spent nearly a decade writing about Eleuterio Ramos, the most notorious pedophile priest in the history of the Diocese of Orange, a monster who admitted to molesting "at least" 25 boys, a ghoul who church officials--including current Diocese of Boise and Diocese of Sacramento bishops Michael Driscoll and Jaime Soto, and current St. Timothy Church pastor John Urell--sent down to Tijuana in 1985 to ensure he'd escape the law after admitting to molesting a teenager at St. Anthony Claret in Anaheim.

And Tijuana is where the final mystery of Ramos exists.

The Orange diocese's personnel files on Ramos makes no mention of any Ramos victims based down there (although Ramos liked to take OC children to Tijuana to get gang-raped), and none of the dozens of people who have filed civil lawsuits against Ramos and the diocese of Orange and Los Angeles (where Ramos previously served) ever alleged they were from Ramos' Tijuana holiday. But the massive document dump yesterday by the LA Archdiocese has unearthed for the first time ever a Ramos victim in Tijuana.

In Ramos' file is a 2004 memorandum from the Diocese of San Bernardino which details a meeting that church leaders had with a man who claimed Ramos had molested him at a cabin in Crestline. The victim (whose name is redacted in the document) said that he first encountered Ramos at Divina Providencia Parish and Our Lady of Loreto chapel in Tijuana, where Ramos headed--I kid you not--a children's ministry. Starting in 1985 and continuing until the boy's family moved to San Bernardino, Ramos molested the child repeatedly--at Crestline, at hotels near Disneyland, in Los Angeles, and in Tijuana proper. In 2003, when stories about Ramos' depravity first hit Southern California newspapers, the victims family asked him if Ramos--who was a "good family friend"--had ever molested him; the victim denied it. The victim didn't want to tell his family because he was, according to the notes of the meeting, "fearful of his mother's reaction to his abuse since he recalls that his mother would frequently encourage her son to take private overnight trips with Fr. Ramos (e.g., the Crestline, Disneyland, and Universal Studios trips)."

The San Bernardino diocese promised the victim that they'd report his abuse at the hands of Ramos to the police, but no record exists of this. Nor is there any record that officials there ever contacted the Orange diocese. And there's definitely never been any effort by the Orange see to alert parishioners at Divina Providencia and Our Lady of Loreto about Ramos' past, or that they dumped Ramos there because he was a kiddie fiddler. Chillingly, the Ramos Tijuana victim asked San Bernardino officials a simple question they couldn't answer: "Was Fr. Ramos transferred to Tijuana because of his past abusive history in the [Orange diocese]?"

Heckuva job, Brownie!

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Thank you Gustavo for didacting my posts. Why would a victim with my political left record be considered valid to you or even worthy of your asking questions about the fraud that is SNAP . I only worked for and wrote for the L.A. weekly for 10 years. Has SNAP really got you that fooled?


More of a moral dump to produce shock and awe to further deaden our anger.  I say hang the whole lot of them!  Except Mahoney...OFF WITH HIS HEAD.


Foot priest?

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Not that I think you'll give a shit, but I give you props for calling one of your own raza 'the most notorious' kiddie diddling priest in OC. 


BRAVO, Gustavo.  You have always told it exactly as it is!  Isn't it great to see so many of the "moral" authority of the church eing exposed for the liars that they are?  Keep up the good work and thanks again for all that you do for we survivors.

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