Disneyland Sex Slave Pimp: I'm A Pimp For Life!

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"E-Flave" is proud of his career
If you want to know what William Earl Flavors thinks of himself, just consider the acronym he's worn on a baseball cap: PTID

PTID stands for pimp 'til I die. 


Normally, we might disregard cap insignia for substantive meaning, but that's not the case with Flavors. 

He really is a pimp and a disgusting punk one to boot. 

In 1999, Flavors was convicted of forcing two minor girls, ages 15 and 17, from Seattle--where his family lives--to Anaheim to work for him as prostitutes near Disneyland in Anaheim. 

According to court records, he exerted his total control over the girls by raping and beating them, breaking one of their noses. He also made one of the girls drink cups filled with his urine and cigarette butts. 

For those crimes, a federal judge sentenced Flavors to a term of 168 months in prison. 

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Tourist trade
He served his time and then, while on probation and assuring U.S. District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney that he had straightened up his life and was cutting hair for a living, he got caught pimping two more women in Long Beach in 2012.

(Police also spotted him cruising an Irvine hotel parking lot with two women in his Mercedes in the middle of the night.)

I guess that PTID cap nailed it after all.

In a brief filed by Assistant United States Attorney Brett A. Sagel, Flavors--who likes to be called "E Flave"--is portrayed as a remorseless thug who is stacking up a list of "hideous" crimes and should be thrown back into prison for violating the terms of the probation. 

Today, Sagel's stance seems to have finally swayed Carney, who--court records show--went out of his way in the last year to be exceptionally gentle with this 39-year-old pimp.

william earl flavors pimp young .jpg
The pimp in 1999
Inside the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana, the judge ordered U.S. marshals to transport Flavors back to prison for 48 months.

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Warning to ladies who become his PrisonPenPal, like any somatic narcissist, he will be charming, charismatic, sexually magnetic, a smooth talker, proclaim his soulmate love for you very early ("love bombing", Google it) he will want you to always have your phone with you and answer his calls several times a day (if not, you can be sure you are NOT the only one on his string), entertain him with emails (and the less effort on his part, the better so not many letters from his end), there will be lots of lies, outright and lies of omission (he doesn't like to talk about "the past") he will talk about future plans with you, say he's changed, coming home to you, ask for little things such as get some information for him, send a magazine, visit him in prison...and finally MONEY. Pimping is living off a woman's labor/money - he hasn't changed a bit. He'll have you call him "daddy" maybe brand you with a tattoo of his name....If you love him send cash. Be forewarned, court papers show he walked out of prison the last time with more money than he could have earned, even had he saved every penny, and bought himself a luxury car so he could get back to pimping again. Send him sexy photos - he may sell them to other inmates. It's all about him and money flowing his way. There is a very high percentage of antisocial/narcissist personality disorder men in prison - good chance you'll get burned and yes, they can manipulate, control and create emotional havoc from inside those walls. Write to a soldier instead.


Anyone who forces someone to be a slave, the worst kind of slave - a sex slave - should be charged with a separate count of rape for every time they are raped by a customer, even if the customer doesn't know it, the pimp does and he should face the wrath of the torture he is inflicting on his slaves. This guy should have gotten 1,000+ years. 

Stoli Oropeza
Stoli Oropeza

Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm areas are infested by pimps.

Danielle Lewis
Danielle Lewis

he is one of many in the orange county area! hide your daughters.

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Everyday it looks more and more like D.W. Griffith's "Birth of a Nation" was pretty realistic.

Shay Evans
Shay Evans

Wow....only 48 months? The system is soooo wack!

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