Newsong's Dave Gibbons: Helping Illegal Immigrants and Working Toward Amnesty "Serving Jesus Himself"

Yesterday, a group of evangelical leaders across the country called the Evangelical Immigration Table released "I Was a Stranger," a collection of Christian voices using Scripture to make the biblical case for immigration reform. Among those voices was none other than Irvine's Dave Gibbons, former Weekly cover boy, head pastor for the revolutionary Newsong Church, and a guy who pleasantly surprises me more than any other Christian in the county. Gibbons' cameo, like those of the others, is brief. But he truly burnished his Aztlanista cred when he told reporters yesterday, per Talking Points Memo, that the evangelical effort to help illegals is "not just about being nice to immigrants or respecting them, though we should...when we do this, we're actually serving Jesus himself."

WHOA...even a Mechista won't say that!

Here's the video. Kudos to Gibbons for emulating the ways of the Nazarene--now, if only he can change his mind on gay marriage...

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This is just 1, in a long line of reasons that this country/world IS going to Heck in a hand basket....!!!--whenEver 'churches' 'religions', 'christians' Support/Stand Up on Behalf of LawBreakers & Are SILENT when it comes to supporting LawAbiding Citizens of this Country....Basically saying:  We, The People Mean Nothing....the LawBreakers Are More Important....WOW, it is No wonder that peeps Think Christians ARE hypocrits....Can NOT argue with them in This instance.......S.A.D.!!!

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

The Holy Family fled to Egypt in a time of grave danger. When that danger passed, they went back to their homelands.

Putting all this emphasis on the 'stranger' stuff really a stretch. Stranger≠immigrant. A stranger is someone passing through. There is, as far as I know, nothing about immigration per se in the Bible, so these (mostly) coffin-dodgers really have to dig.

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Whatever happened to 'not imposing your religious beliefs' in the public policy sphere?


Dear Dumbsky,

This is still America, where we can think, pray, believe, and say what ever we want...even you Pendejo! 

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