Dana Rohrabacher Did The Unimaginable On Gun Control

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Rohrabacher: I did what?
Question of the morning: 

Did Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher fall off his testosterone-enhancing medications or guzzle a bad batch of low grade tequila?

Rohrabacher did the unimaginable this week.

Don't tell the John Birch Society, but the self-described "patriot" paused from calling Barack Obama "a Fascist" (and claiming that illegal immigrants singlehandedly caused the federal deficit) to agree with the president.


Using Twitter, the Costa Mesa Republican--the county's senior, career politician who first ran for Congress in 1988 on a term limits platform--declared that he's fine with Obama's thoughts about extensive background checks for gun purchases.

But Rohrabacher thinks proposed limitations of the size of gun magazines is "a feel good stunt" that won't have any practical impact on reducing mass killings with assault weapons.

He says the federal government should target criminals and not honest citizens with future gun control laws.

Earlier this month, the congressman argued for Obama's fiscal cliff legislation and, after realizing that his vote wasn't needed for passage, voted against it.

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