OC Weekly Cover Story on Shady San Clemente Collection Agency Makes Conor Friedersdorf's The Best Of Journalism Newsletter!

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We haven't written in a while about OC boy done good Conor Friedersdorf, the Atlantic staffer who also puts out "The Best Of Journalism," a weekly newsletter in which he selects awesome, amazing longform journalism pieces from across the mediums and the ages. He's a fan of this infernal rag, which is why I always felt sad that he never picked one of our stories for his newsletter...until now.

Friedersdorf last week picked our cover story this week, "Check Mate," a feature on the shady San Clemente collection agency CorrectiveSolutions, which teams up with district attorneys offices across the country (including ours) to scare the bejesus out of people who owe minimal fees.

Gracias, Conor! Keep up the great work. And did you read our Klan story from last week? Good stuff!

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