10 Orange County "City Leaders" We'd Just as Soon Not Hear from the Rest of 2013

Being a city council member is a thankless job, although they do usually save you a nice parking spot at city hall.

While we applaud public service, many, many holders of local office in Orange County use their positions of "power" to do some really fucked-up things.

Here are but 10 supposed city leaders we'd prefer not to hear from in 2013.

Photo by Kenneth M. Ruggiano/OC Weekly
Irvine's apparent mayor for life no matter who runs a council meeting or cuts the ribbon at an auto store opening, Larry Agran suffered a crushing defeat in November when the voting majority he led for years was toppled. District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, a supposed ideological foe, was somehow convinced to make last-minute robo-calls on behalf of supposed liberal Larry's mayoral run--after Agran planted a decoy candidate to siphon votes from T-Rack's Republican Party mate Steven Choi, who won the race anyway. Agran still has two years left on his council term, so we still have him to kick around through at least 2014. ([Moxley Confidential] Cash-Corruption Connection: The Orange County DA owed the Irvine mayor's political machine $25,000, said no crime in the city)

Courtesy of KABC News
Getting arrested for multiple sex crimes, as then-Santa Ana City Councilman Carlos Bustamante did July 2, sure can wreak havoc on one's attempt to be a rising political star. While outgoing Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez was lauded for her city tenure at the Dec. 11 council meeting, no recognition was given for Bustamante, a Latino darling of the GOP who managed to not only take down himself but, as a 47-year-old, married, father of three county Public Works director accused of sexually assaulting seven females, a county CEO as well. (Carlos Bustamante: The Great Brown Flop: Disgraced Santa Ana councilman is the latest OC GOP Latino golden boy gone pendejo)

The councilman and his daughters
Sangjin Miller Oh--the "Sangjin" is silent when referring to him as a Buena Park city councilman--pleaded not guilty in July to multiple counts of perjury aimed at maintaining his deadbeat-dad status. The 48-year-old could spend six years and four months in state prison with a conviction on charges he lied on California DMV documents six times to hide his wealth, ownership of vehicles and, thus, his ability to pay court-ordered child support to his ex-wife. Did the real estate developer and unapologetic Republican campaign with the children denied child support by his side? You betcha! (Miller Oh, Buena Park Councilman, Denies With Not Guilty Plea He's a Liar and Deadbeat Dad)

This is one of those teabaggy types who believes life would be better and safer if teachers were packing, you could openly carry your weapons in city parks and you could name the family dog after the Islamic prophet Muhammad, openly scoff at the integrity of your Middle Eastern college students and freely plagiarize without fear of losing said teaching gig. We'd be free to ignore him or write him off as a  "pinhead" as Bill O'Reilly did were it not for the fact that voters in San Juan Capistrano saw fit to elect Reeve as a city councilman. As was the case with Agran, we're stuck with Reeve through at least 2014--unless some enterprising soul would like to launch a recall campaign. (Derek Reeve, San Juan Capistrano Council's Goofball Pro Tem, Calls for Arming Teachers)

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Okay, I can understand going after the crazies like Pauly, but do you really want more Edgar? Yes he's entertaining to watch, I mean how often do you get to see a guy speak out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, but if Villa Park doesn't deserve their teabagging nutcase why does Los Alamitos deserve a two-faced politician that will sell out the community for bubkis?


The city of Anahiem deserves some love in this list.

Patrick Goldberg
Patrick Goldberg

Thank you OC Weekly for reporting everything in Orange County that the Register disregards. This ain't Utopia bitches!


Great article! We want more scandal on the douches running the County!


I wish that Matt Coker and his colleagues would stop lying about Irvine.

"District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, a supposed ideological foe, was somehow convinced to make last-minute robo-calls on behalf of supposed liberal Larry's mayoral run--after Agran planted a decoy candidate to siphon votes from T-Rack's Republican Party mate Steven Choi, who won the race anyway."

Once again, for the record: T-Rack made phone calls disavowing the out-of-context use of a quote from him in a scurrilous campaign mailer that falsely accused Agran of abetting the presence child molesters in parks -- because Agran preferred what he believed to be a more narrow and constitutionally defensible version of an ordinance being pushed by T-Rack, among others, that has since been found to be unconstitutional by an OC Superior Court judge.  T-Rack did the honorable thing in disavowing the out-of-context and misleading use of his comment, for which honorable act the OC GOP has slammed him.

And, for the record, Agran did not "plant a decoy candidate" in the Mayor's race -- as most everyone involved knew or should have known.  The allegation of this was pushed by the Weekly based on speculation at best and is still here being presented as true.  Sadly, now it's Coker taking up the "lying about Irvine" beat from Moxley.

(OK, Gustavo, time to call me a bloviator again.  You should look that work up, by the way, because the above is not bloviation -- although that it happened under your watchful editorship is a black mark on your reputation.)


@gregdiamond the fact remains that the OCDA completely contradicted their public stance on the parks ban when it behooved a political ally, and ultimately himself. In presentation after presentation to City Council after City Council he and his office described the danger from registered sex offenders in public parks as grave and immediate, and implied that the only way to keep your child from being hideously assaulted is to adopt the full ban. Much regret was expressed over Irvine's decision to go with the limited ban.

To state that the parks in Irvine are NOT overrun by registrants is a complete 180 of those presentations, watchable on video. There is nothing out of context here.

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@gregdiamond Greg, you are such a know-nothing douche: I have been lying about Agran and Irvine for years and years.


@ocresident @gregdiamond T-Rack made a statement in support of legislation.  Part of it was selectively quoted to make it appear that T-Rack was accusing Agran of wanting to allow *convicted child molesters* to retain access to parks.  Either T-Rack never intended to convey that impression -- in which event the clarifying robocall was honorable even if it may have helped the candidate he didn't want to see win -- or T-Rack made a ludicrously hyperbolic and unfair assertion that is all the more indefensible after the court ruling.

I guess that I'm giving T-Rack the benefit of the doubt that he didn't actually want to accuse Larry to letting *child molesters* (psychologically a different kink than other sex offenders, who include those urinating in public) in public parks, and that he made the robocall on that account.  You're saying that -- well, I'm not sure what you're saying, but it appears to involve conflating the notion that "keeping *all registered sex offenders* out of parks is safest" (which T-Rack wrongly and unconstitutionally prescribed) and "Agran wants *convicted child molesters* to retain access to parks."  Once you can distinguish those, you'll see that rejecting the latter was not a contradiction of a prior stance.  That, or you think that T-Rack is either a knave or an idiot.


@MatthewTCoker I stand corrected, Matt.  I had just thought that, if that were true, you'd be better at it by now.

paullucas714 topcommenter

@MatthewTCoker @gregdiamond LOL Matt. 

I sure hope that Allan Bartlett gets to audit the park. It is sorely needed. Hell there could have been a park built by pick and shovel by volunteer labor from OCJ in exchange for time reduced. For there to not be a park after 12 years is just ridiculous. No matter who is in charge. Im sure after a few years of GOP control it will be in a different kind of pickle but for sure the management has really dropped the ball on the great Park to date.


@GustavoArellano @gregdiamond @MatthewTCoker "Leave the serious reporting to the adults?" OK.  Where do I find the adults?

I know how dearly you'd like to get away with lying about Agran and Irvine *and* not having to pay the piper over it, but it's not going to happen.

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

@gregdiamond @MatthewTCoker Oh, Bloviator: you were doing so good so far in your comments this year—and now, this? Go back to your shit pit, please, and leave the serious reporting to adults.


@paullucas714 @gregdiamond @MatthewTCoker 

Paul, you wrote: "Hell there could have been a park built by pick and shovel by volunteer labor from OCJ in exchange for time reduced."

Not if the ground under future playing fields is suffused with jet fuel, it couldn't.

In other words, your statement did not factor in the time and costs of remediation of toxic wastes in what was, after all, a frackin' military base.  So your statement was off base.


@paullucas714 @MatthewTCoker 

Paul, can you explain what role the topic of "toxic waste remediation" played in your developing your expert opinion?  (Of course, I'm just presuming that jet fuel, as is sometimes dumped at military airports, is considered toxic waste; I don't want to come off like those "amalgam fillings are killing us" people.  Maybe Coker knows for sure.)

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