[UPDATED with DA Levels Charges:] Christopher Glen Phernambucq, Sex Offender Parolee for Kiddie Porn Shoots, Repeats: Cops

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See the update at the end of this post about the charges brought against the defendant.

ORIGINAL POST, JAN. 24, 10:36 A.M.: The load to your right, a registered sex offender on parole for making kiddie porn, is accused of contacting two 17-year-old Anaheim boys via Facebook, shooting his latest skeevy production with them in an abandoned house and performing lewd acts on one teen.

Anaheim cops, who arrested Christopher Glen Phernambucq with the assistance of state parole agents after one kid told his parents about the XXX encounter, fear there may be other young victims out there.

One teen's family contacted police around 9 p.m. Tuesday about the porn shoot they claim happened about two weeks before, according to Sgt. Bob Dunn, Anaheim's media relations officer.

Via Facebook, Phernambucq had told the barely legal pair he's a pornography director before arranging a meeting with them in the abandoned home near East Coronado Avenue and North Red Gum Street, Dunn said.

Following an investigation, Phernambucq was arrested on suspicion of contact with a minor with the intent to commit a sexual offense, oral copulation with a minor under the age of 18 and violating his parole.

Meanwhile, the hunt is on for other potential victims. If that's you, you can contact Orange County Crime Stoppers anonymously at 855.TIP.OCCS.

UPDATE, JAN. 25, 10:11 A.M.: The Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) announced this morning that 31-year-old Chris Glen Phernambucq, who resides in Anaheim, is charged with one felony count each of contacting a child with the intent to commit oral copulation, oral copulation of a minor, possession and control of child pornography with prior convictions for possession of child pornography and using a minor to create pornography, using a minor for distribution of obscene matter with prior convictions for possession of child pornography and using a minor to create pornography, and using a minor for sex acts.

A conviction could lead to nine years and four months in state prison.

The OCDA also provided this account of Phernambucq latest alleged crime:

In December 2012, Phernambucq is accused of meeting 17-year-old John Doe on Facebook. Prior to the sexual assault, Phernambucq is accused of telling the victim he was a pornography director and wanted to hire him to be in his pornographic film.

On or about Jan. 23, 2013, Phernambucq is accused of meeting John Doe at an abandoned house in Anaheim. The defendant is accused of having him undress and creating child pornography by videotaping sexual acts between John Doe and another male. He is accused of orally copulating John Doe. The victim became uncomfortable and left.

Upon learning that Phernambucq is a registered sex offender, John Doe told his family about the sexual assault, who then contacted the Anaheim Police Department to report the crime. The identity and age of the other male in the video is under investigation.

Indeed, the entire investigation itself remains open as Anaheim Police and the OCDA seek other potential victims. The Crimestoppers number in the original post is one place to leave tips, another is by calling Supervising District Attorney Investigator Anthony Sosnowski at 714.834.8794.

This is why authorities fear there may be other victims: Phernambucq is a lifetime registered sex offender for prior convictions that sent him to prison for using a minor to create pornography in 2006 and unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor three years younger than he was in 2003. He's scheduled to be arraigned this morning in Santa Ana.

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