"Boys and Men of Color Conference" to Happen THIS WEEKEND in Santa Ana

It's no secret in Latino academic circles that there's an achievement gap between teenage Latino males and mujeres--studies attest to this. Thankfully, there is now a movement to rectify this problem, to make sure that young Latinos voice out positive change. Out of that comes the Santa Ana Boys and Men of Color.

It's a collective aimed to empower young men and boys of color, and they're hosting their first conference this Saturday at Valley High School in SanTana, from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. The conference will focus on empowering and highlighting the issues that most impact boys and men of color these days--which, if you read this paper, means mostly killer cops, stupid politicians, and a clueless society fearful of Reconquista.

The BMOC conference aims to bring encouragement and productivity through education and community engagement and is sponsored by KidWorks, Valley High School and The California Endowment. The conference will feature keynote speakers, Victor Rios, UC Santa Barbara professor and author of Punished, and Jerry Telllo, director of the National Latino Fatherhood and Family InstituteAlso scheduled to speak are UC Santa Barbara professor Aida Hurtado, and author of Invisible No More, along with other speakers. Some of the strategy workshops have titles such as "Stopping Gangs with a Balanced Strategy," "Youth Organizing and the fight for Immigration Reform", and "Santa Ana Youth Movement Today," the latter of which is sure to thrill the city's gentrifiers.

Last day to register is TODAY, and the conference is FREE. See you there! 

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Yayaya gus. More of the same old shit. You should have asked santa for a little talent. Always the same topics. Before you were dubbed editor ot the weekly there was a little more variety. Mix it up a little for your readers sake. I know i rant and rave. And i do get a little enjoyment from busting your chops from time to time, but truth behold, i have been a weekly reader for years and your ask a mexican article is witty. And you, scott, matt and everyone else make a great journalistic team. But can you please find some good stories out there besides allways freedom fighting for mexi's. As ive said before, i am mexican. I did marry mexican. But being born and raised here i dont feel the need to be overran by mexican culture. An american should be proud to be american 1st. I must admit, as a boy i grew up in santa ana till 12 and in anaheim the rest of the years and there were mostly whites. And alot of racist views on mexicans. But there werent the amount of murders or graffiti there is today. Streets were safer. Only thing changes since then is whites moved out and hispanics moved in. No coincidence. But anyways, just my opinion. You guys at the weekly keep up the good work.

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