5 Examples of Why Passing Out Fliers of Obama with a Hitler Mustache is Soooo First Term

Sheriff's deputies received a call Monday afternoon about two people near an ATM in the 23800 block of El Toro Road, Lake Forest, handing out fliers of President Barack Obama with an Adolf Hitler mustache. Given the timing with the "fiscal cliff" vote, one might assume these angry folks emerged from the same teabaggy gene pool that galvanized after the "Obamacare" and federal stimulus votes of the first term. But as the five examples that follow show, agitators from across the political spectrum have applied little brown 'staches to the Chosen One.

A Political Dookie, a blog that listed Hugh Hewitt's and Michelle Malkin's among its favorite like-minded blogs, showed numerous posting activity in 2008 and 2009, nothing in 2010 and one post in 2011. But back in the glory days, the illustration below was included with a Sept. 30, 2008, item (weeks before he was even elected!) comparing youths for Obama with youths for Hitler. Don't forget to turn in your parents for buying guns, kids:


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no doubt they subsist on some form of government aid while they do this

949girl topcommenter

I remember seeing a guy who had a booth by the Chase Bank on 17th and Orange in Costa Mesa who had the Obama with Hitler mustache flyers and posters!  I wonder if this is the same person? I haven't seen him recently. He was such a dork and would just sit there all day and try and hand out his flyers. 

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@949girl I don't want to put you in harm's way, but if you can grab one and send it to me next time, I'll post it as an update to this list.

949girl topcommenter

@MatthewTCoker @949girl I actually did see him not too long ago, I forgot, but he was just out there at the same spot for one day.  Next time I'll grab one!

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