American Third Position, OC's Laughable White-Power Political Party, Gets Pwned Again in Another Mainstreaming Effort

William D. Johnson: American TP head pendejo
Oh, must those pendejos over at the American Third Position Party, the pseudo-Ponzi scheme masquerading as an alternative to the Republicrats, be stewing today. Not only is it Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, not only is a black man getting sworn into the White House, but all of this is happening on a weekend when they were supposed to participate in something that would further their laughable mission of trying to mainstream themselves. See, this past weekend was "Gun Appreciation Day," co-sponsored by a bunch of conservative and libertarian organizations. Among one of the original sponsors was none other than the American TP Party--that is, until Media Matters pwned them, and the organizers of the event not only booted their asses but repudiated their reprehensible message.


You can read all the fun over at Media Matters, but we'll just reiterate: American TP? Just quit it already. You were DOA in utero when your first treasurer had a bench warrant over his head, and it's only gone downhill from there. Do a Marty Cox, and move off to Idaho or wherever all the whiny gabachos are moving to nowadays...

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Gustavo, you look like a "puto" with those goggle. Call me... Eduardo.


People who often write in anger know they are hiding a truth behind a lie. In this writing we see both name calling and ad hominem to, in literary and debate term, "Poison the well." The fact that a Eurocentric a.k.a. "White" group would stand up for their rights in anything similar to any other people's rights is "Hate" and/or "Racist" even through it is "Equality" that Martin Luther King Jr. stood for, "The quality of their character..," little did others understand the fullness of what was said that day under the watchful eyes of Lincoln sitting there.

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

 Getting 'kick out' of an event sponsored by Red State and Erik Erikson should be a badge of honor.

But A3P's ideas are getting more mainstream. See recent Ann Coulter columns. Whatever you think of her, she reaches a lot of main stream conservatives. In the last few months, for the first time, she has deviated from the conventional 'race-blind' conservative line. 

Even these gun nuts didn't get all righteous like they used to do -- just said they didn't want groups 'detracting from the message' of gun nuttery.


This is writing?


Even Anne Coulter doesn't support Anne Coulter's positions. She's a political whore. She's Dick Morris, but with balls.


@GustavoArellano @jl641 Then I'd hate to see the worst!

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