Orange County Man Thinks AK-47 Parts Possession Is Legal; Judges Think Otherwise

ak tien duc nguyen 47.jpg
An Orange County convicted felon is arguing that mere possession of AK-47 parts he purchased on the Internet but hadn't assembled cannot be a violation of state law.

But a California Court of Appeal ruled today that the man was mistaken.

A detective with the Orange County Auto Theft Task Force visited Tien Duc Nguyen's auto repair business for a search in March 2010, found the weapon parts and arrested him for attempted unlawful assault weapon activity as well as possession of a gun and .50-caliber ammunition by a felon.

According to court records, Nguyen admitted he knew that he wasn't allowed to possess weapons or ammo, a 2011 jury convicted him of the other charges too and Superior Court Judge Daphne Sykes Scott sentenced him to prison.

Today, a three-justice appellate panel declared that, despite Nguyen's strenuous objections, his convictions were righteous and won't be overturned.

Upshot: Nguyen, 37, will continue to serve his 6-year punishment inside the California Correctional Facility--state officials object to calling prisons "prisons" nowadays--at Susanville.

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