[UPDATED with BET Analyst Weighs In:] Were Rossmoor Bottle Bombs a Prank or Hate Crime?

See the update at the end of this post where a BET commentator wonders about links between the Roosmoor incident, a black family leaving Yorba Linda and OC skinheads.

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ORIGINAL POST, DEC. 5, 6:06 A.M.: Are the bombs of Rossmoor pranks, racist messages or prank racist messages?

Inquiring minds want to know as four acid bombs--plastic water bottles filled with household chemicals that explode--were planted Sunday near the driveway of a home in the 3000 block of Mainway Drive that is occupied by an African American woman.

Indeed, as the resident called the Orange County Sheriff's Department, which patrols Rossmoor, after discovering the bottles filled with blue liquid, one bomb went off, although it didn't do much.

Deputies cordoned off an area near Rush Park on Sunday after discovering a fifth bottle there.

Because no hate messages were left behind, sheriff's investigators are unsure if it was a hate crime. They say it was more likely a prank by youths, who could face a felony count for each bomb left behind.

Nonetheless, the Orange County Human Relations Commission is investigating the incident.

UPDATE, DEC. 6, 3:39 P.M.: BET (Black Entertainment Television) commentator Cord Jefferson wonders about the Roosmoor incident in light of a black family recently saying it was driven out of Yorba Linda and the racist skinheads who have proudly called Orange County home for years.

Besides this case and the Yorba Linda case, Orange County and its surrounding areas are well-known as hotbeds of neo-Nazi and other white power organizing. "Skin heads and white supremacists made their way to Southern California back in the '40s and '50s," reported KPCC this August. "As areas like Los Angeles began to diversify, hate groups were pushed out to areas like the Inland Empire and Bakersfield."

He also cautions against jumping to conclusions until all the evidence is in.

It's best to not jump to conclusions--the people who planted the acid bombs could very well have been some jerk teenagers with no racial motive whatsoever. But it's important for African-Americans and others to realize that hate is a powerful force that exists everywhere, even in otherwise idyllic pockets of sunny Southern California.

His piece: "Commentary: Were Acid Bombs in Orange County a Racist Attack?"

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18usc241 topcommenter

I was reading your prior story on another hate crime incident in Rossmoor. I wonder if Sandra Hutchens of the Orange County Sheriffs Department (LMAO) or the Orange County Human Relations board (LMAO X 10) investigated this one any further.

Oh wait a minute, I forgot. Hate crimes including attempted murder are permissable against minorities in Orange County CA. Isn't that correct Hutchens, Carona, Gates, Raney , Polisar , Knee , Quezada, Welter , Baker, Gaston and friends from the CHP and FBI.

Aaron Roach
Aaron Roach

No, but maybe the government takes things way too seriously. If I understand this correctly, it involves some high-school chemistry in a 2-liter soda bottle and it's not going to hurt anyone who's not standing right next to it. I agree it sounds like teenagers, and they'll never do it again if the cops give them a scare. Let's stop acting like everyone's a terrorist.

Jennifer Patalsky
Jennifer Patalsky

none of the above the report was that there have been at least 5 incidents with bottles such as this so it's pranksters just goofing off is my guess.

Mike Mix
Mike Mix

its a bomb... hate / hate prank

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