Pinkney Harold Badgett Gets 64 Years for Molesting Kids Ages 1-11, Holding Kiddie Porn

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With a name like Pinkney, he has to be heading to prison for the rest of his life.

Yes, 68-year-old Santa Anan Pinkney Harold Badgett, who pleaded guilty Friday to molesting children ages 18 months through 11 and possessing a cache of kiddie porn, has been sentenced in Orange County Superior Court to 64 years in state prison.

Meaning he essentially won't be free again.

Santa Ana Police arrested Badgett in October 2010 after finding in his home computer files and "boxes and boxes" of videos and photographs depicting child pornography.

The discovery so alarmed authorities that word was put out for possible child victims of the creep. That search produced a hit, from an acquaintance who was 18 months olds when Badgett molested her. She was also matched to some images in the piece of shit's kiddie porn collection.

He was in court for a pretrial hearing Friday when he decided to end the nonsense and plead guilty to all 12 counts against him, including forcible lewd act upon a child, lewd or lascivious act with minor, exhibition of lewd material to minor, oral copulation or sexual penetration with child 10 years or younger, and possession of child pornography.

Not that he stood much of a chance without the admissions; his stepdaughter had told the media Badgett started molesting her when she was very young.

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