Peter Herzog, Lake Forest City Councilman, Busted for DUI

If you were a celebrity, child molester or alternative news journalist busted from driving drunk, it'd be splashed all over the Interwebs before you emerged from the drunk tank.

But if you are an elected official somewhere in the County of Orange--unless that alternative news journalist was in the drunk tank with you--news would not get out about your boozy motoring until weeks later.

Case in point: Lake Forest City Councilman Peter Herzog.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department, which patrols the city of Lake Forest under a contract former mayor and current Councilman Herzog and his dais mates negotiate, is just revealing now Herzog was arrested on drunken driving charges on Nov. 17.

Witnesses saw a motorist driving erratically just before 8:20 p.m. near Lake Forest Drive and Regency Lane and followed the car less than a mile to a home on Coventry Lane. It was the home of 57-year-old Herzog, who arriving deputies arrested on suspicion of drunken driving.

After a night in the Santa Ana jail, Herzog was released. He now has a Dec. 17 court date. We'll learn how that came out some time in January.

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Why don't we know the blood alcohol level?

Bad decade for Mr. Herzog who's been on council since 1996

1. Case #IRM187149 - Not wearing seatbelt (6/2003) - Orange County2. Case #65067SN - Not wearing seatbelt (12/2003) - Orange County3. Case #U338370PH - Speeding (8/2004) - San Bernardino County4. Case #76367WJ - Not wearing seatbelt (6/2005) - Orange County5. Case #U355550PH - Not wearing seatbelt (10/2005) - San Bernardino County6. Case #SH653173 - Not wearing seatbelt (5/2008) - Orange County7. Case #SH685199 - Not wearing seatbelt (10/2008) - Orange County8. Case #SH730064 - Talking on Cellphone while Driving (6/2009) - Orange County9. Case #SH779528 - Not wearing seatbelt (6/2010) - Orange County10. Case #56050PQ - Not wearing seatbelt (2/2012) - Orange County11. Case #70576AUPH - Not wearing seatbelt (date unknown) - Riverside County

I wonder if he had on his seatbelt while he was drunk driving.


Is the hangdog look because he was busted ...or because he live in lake forest?

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