18,400 Rodents and 600 Reptiles Put Down After Activists Force Inspection of OC Exotic Pet Company's Filthy Breeding Facility

The discovery drew the attention of PETA's national president, Ingrid E. Newkirk, who remarked, "GCB was a reeking hellhole for the rats, snakes, and other animals who were left to starve, drown, and die among the rotting corpses of other animals. The individuals responsible for this staggering cruelty must be prosecuted and banned from laying their hands on another animal."
A weak and lethargic rat hangs on.
According to her organization, PETA first encountered Behm in the mid-'80s, when as a college student he videotaped himself throwing rats, mice and rabbits into a bathtub with ferrets that attacked and killed them. Behm, who could not be prosecuted because the statute of limitations had expired by the time law enforcement received the video, is said by PETA to have admitted conducting unapproved "experiments" in part for his own "enjoyment."

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