Federal Grand Jury in Orange County Indicts Three For Stealing $185,000 In Stamps

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A federal grand jury in Southern California has indicted three individuals who allegedly conducted a brazen, two-year conspiracy that stole more than $185,000 in postage stamps from U.S. Post Offices in Orange County and Los Angeles.

According to the Dec. 19 indictment, Neil Lee Turner (AKA Tylar Rogers), Melissa Lillian Valenta and John Patrick Cassaro (AKA Jeffrey Paul Gleason) face a combined 34 felony charges for the scheme.

Post offices in Newport Beach, Irvine, Rancho Santa Margarita, Santa Ana, Mission Viejo, Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, Whittier, Norwalk and Sierra Madre were targeted with forged bank checks, according to the 17-page indictment.

The charges include theft of government property, conspiracy, possessing of forged instruments and passing false checks.

It's unclear what potential punishment the defendants might face if they are eventually convicted of crimes that the grand jury believes occurred between October 2010 and July 2012.

According to court records, postal inspectors have so far only arrested only Valenta, who was born in 1985. (Turner was born in 1978 and Cassaro in 1966.)

The case has been assigned to U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter with a Feb. 12 trial date.

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What a piece of work. I see Neil is still extremely obsessed with that model girl seeing as how he uses the AKA of TYLAR. "Tylar Jacobs" was her name and what a gorgeous girl. He threatened to kill her a few years back when she wouldn't date him. After a few years of friendship she loaned him a large amount of money and when he was to pay her back he held that money over her head and told her she'd get it back if she dated him. What a desperate piece of trash. Tyler was a sweet girl, I wonder whatever happened to her anyway?? Did anything ever happen with that? He's been in prison so many times and a term for 10 years because of these fake checks he passed to cash checking places. He blames it all on the death of his mother (rest her soul). It's no excuse. Stole his dads coin collection. His dad is so sweet. Hopefully they lock up these assholes for good. As for Ms. Melissa, rot in the hottest hell. You identity thieving money hungry excuse for a human. Quit making your own problems-everyone elses. Grow up!


You said it EXACTLY how Neil is, which is a PILE! He still wears the braces on his teeth that he got like 15 years ago but like everything else in his life, fucked them off! He deserves EVERYTHING he gets. His dad is a very nice man and because he still talks to Neil, his brothers won't let their dad see his grandchildren. That is just how much of a pile he is! His own family suffers STILL because of his shenanigans! Neil is SO shallow, he has to do fraud so he can maintain this image of someone who works for their things and is somewhat successful at it, when all he really is ..... Is a loser thief. Good thing his mom is dead, otherwise her suffering would be happening STILL because of her pile of a son who can't get a job

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