Loretta Sanchez No Longer Pussies Around with Her Holiday Card

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Some may be taken aback by Rep. Loretta Sanchez's latest controversial holiday card, finding it especially snarky of a tax-and-spender to poke fun at the fiscal cliff's draconian social spending and defense cuts and tax hikes that will expose lower- and middle-class Americans to deep personal financial pain.

But we're taken aback by the Garden Grove Democrat failing to show her pussy.

You know, her cat.

. . . Gretzky?

. . . What did you think we meant?

Actually, Loretta's pussy died in November 2010 but still made it onto her 2011 War on Xmas card to friends and supporters. We'd hoped The Great One would be trotted out one more time.

Thumbnail image for Gretzky5.jpg
And why not? Ed Arnold is still doing the news on Real Orange and he died in 1996.

Since Gretzy is officially goners from the 2012 card, we can now say unequivocally that Loretta Sanchez's pussy has not been stuffed.

For two years!

Check that: the way Loretta's cradling that bundle next to her hubby Jack Einwechter, Gretzky could very well be inside.

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Anybody know why she has to do unsettling Christmas cards every damn year? It seems a little not sane.


No wonder Arellano hates her ... marrying not only an 'Anglo', but a dude that isn't exactly among our best.


Hey, Clockwork, are we detecting a sorta horny tone here? Like, maybe you got the hots for "They Don't Do It Better Than" Loretta? If so, can't blame you. Definitely qualifies for the French description "Une jolie laide," (a pretty, ugly woman). Ooh la la!

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