Kevin Griffith Battles Rare Cancer With a Little Help From His Online Friends

Kevin Griffith was diagnosed with a rare cancer (Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma) in February, and the Aliso Viejo 29-year-old's family discovered he would require multiple international surgeries.

So, they've turned to the Internet for help.

Griffith's family created a profile on, a crowd sourcing website that allows friends, family and even strangers to donate any amounts they can to help the sick or injured with medical bills.

His profile raised $4,000 the first day and more than $67,000 as of last week. GiveForwrd says since its 2008 launch, more than $27 million has been raised for people like Griffith.

The campaign for Griffith ends Dec. 15. A letter that accompanies his profile follows . . .

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