John Taylor, San Juan Capistrano Mayor, Attacked by Two Strangers on the Street

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San Juan Capistrano Mayor John Taylor was assaulted as he was walking to his home in the historic Los Rios area after a Christmas party Saturday night, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Deparment.

Two strangers only stopped kicking and punching Taylor when his wife, who'd been walking alongside the mayor, yelled for help.

Taylor, who took blows to the head, was treated and released from a local hospital for cuts and bruises.

Sheriff's deputies say the assault call came in around 11:30 p.m. from Los Rios and Del Obispo streets. The Taylors heard someone coming up behind then and stepped aside to clear the path. That's when one of the two men punched the mayor in the face, according to the sheriff's department.

Taylor was eventually knocked to the ground, where the men continued to punch and kick him in the face. Described as about 6 feet tall and 220 pounds each, the men did not demand money or give a reason for the attack, deputies said.

The investigation continues . . .

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Thanks, Matt, for yet another PC-news-report where the suspects' description, HISPANIC, has been surgically removed.  For another example of crap-reporting, see the online "San Juan Capistrano Patch" where not only is HISPANIC censored-out, but a detailed rationale for the omission is given, also.  Beautiful San Juan now being 1/3 Hispanic, chock-full of illegal-aliens, and quite the little sanctuary-city,  Mr. Mayor being brutally attacked by Latinos is obviously a sensitive subject, and with more federal "immigration reform" on our horizon, the public will now just follow the media's lead and look the other way. 


Uh, anyone check the usual suspects at the Swallow's Inn?

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