OC Professor Blames Occupy Wall Street and President Obama For Causing California Gun Buying Spree

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Eastman: Let's blame Occupy Wall Street for gun buying spree
The nation was safe and harmonious until the Occupy Wall Street movement and Barack Obama's re-election campaign brought discord that prompted financially secure Californians to fear a violent revolution by the poor.

That's the laughable stance taken by rabidly conservative activist and Chapman University law professor John Eastman in a Dec. 5 Orange County Register news article documenting an increase in gun sales in the state.

Never mind that neither the Occupy protesters nor Obama caused the nation's severe financial collapse of 2007-2008 that's continuing to wreck lives and the economy, Register reporter Claudia Koerner treated Eastman's claim as gospel under the sub-headline: "reasons for increase" and, as the daily paper is prone to do on its news pages, offered no counter opinion.

According to Eastman, there are five overall causes for increased gun purchases: Occupy Wall Street protesters willing to challenge the status quo, Obama's re-election strategy (although Koerner doesn't spell out the alleged harm), the threat of a rebellion by the poor, anticipation of natural disasters, and fear that the president will take away gun ownership rights.

(The article doesn't deflate the gun lobby's hysteria by pointing out that Obama is powerless to change gun ownership laws without the consent of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.)

"It's like a perfect storm," opined Eastman, whose numerous private think tank organizations rely on continual doom and gloom forecasts to raise money from wealthy right-wingers.

But it's fascinating that Eastman forgot to blame his other usual boogie/strawman: gays.

As chairman of the board of the National Organization For Marriage and a king of non sequiturs, Eastman has been equally breathless in his claims of looming calamity over gay marriage. He asks with a straight face: If gay couples marry, who then will have intercourse to supply the planet future generations of human beings? 

Uh, perhaps the answer is: heterosexual couples?

It's also fascinating that the Register failed to note that it was Eastman himself who just two years ago during his embarrassing campaign for state attorney general unambiguously urged a revolution and overthrow of the government if gay marriage is allowed in California.

Maybe some of those people buying guns are citizens who want to protect themselves from the likes of the Chapman University professor.

Eastman isn't always rambling like the village idiot. He proudly proclaims that his personal motto is "I ain't evolving" and yet there's evidence to the contrary. Perhaps as a nod to new electoral realities--hello voters with names like Hernandez, Lopez, Garcia, Gonzalez, Ramirez, Ruiz and Martinez that helped return Obama to the White House--he didn't this time specifically blame Latinos for causing whites to run to the gun store. 


Even chest thumpers like Eastman sometimes know it's wise to keep their mouths shut.

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Wow!  An OC Weekly smear article against a local "evil" conservative...yawn.  Ok, we get it.  OC Weekly fights against the man, and is cool, man.  I would even say hip.  The Republicans want to see people dying in the streets.

JGlanton topcommenter

Plenty of good snark at the prof,  but perhaps you could back up your ridicule by offering some facts of your own as to why gun sales have risen, and how much they've risen by type. Please cite sources. Otherwise this is just another OCW name-calling hit piece. Which is just lazy and useless and so easy that even a 5th grader could do it. Aren't you supposed to be some hotshot investigative reporter or something?

Aaron Roach
Aaron Roach

Funny, the tea party is the reason I bought mine. Only so many times you can bring weapons to political events before it turns into civil war. And I don't want to be on the unarmed side.

Dave Nguyen
Dave Nguyen

I can't decide between the words "moron" or "tool" to describe this professor.

Charlene Keeler
Charlene Keeler

It's hard to take someone seriously when they don't have a jawbone.

rscottmoxley topcommenter

@thom2342003  @thom2342003 Yeah! Wow! Please inhale one more doobie and then retreat on your sofa to the Mayan 12-21 end of the Earth scenario. You've really plowed breathtakingly new opinion ground yourself, big, brave "thom234003" guy. Hip, cool to the hipster. What's the signal, Kenneth? And so forth.... errr. More bong to you forthwith. Duh.

rscottmoxley topcommenter

@JGlanton I is! I is! Thanks so much for coming again to our website, reading my story, contemplating your own thoughts and then taking the time to post a such a meaningful comment that acknowledges my status as a hotshot investigative reporter. Our advertisers appreciate your contribution to our operation and--hey--so I do! Please come again!

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