Joe Grumbine, Medical Pot Activist, Still Languishing Behind Bars

Larry King
It's been almost a month to the day since Joe Grumbine was arrested at the Long Beach downtown courthouse when he showed up for a regularly scheduled trial conference hearing. Along with his partner Joe Byron, Grumbine had run a pair of Long Beach pot dispensaries as well as Garden Grove's Unit D collective until the shops were raided in Dec. 2009. Both men were tried and convicted of several counts of selling marijuana (Byron was also convicted of stealing electricity).  But the charges were overturned for judicial misconduct after Judge Charles D. Sheldon recused himself from the case for writing a congratulatory letter to prosecutor Jodi Castano before the trial had actually ended.

Grumbine was apparently arrested on Nov. 13 because prosecutors got wind that he'd been pulled over near his home in Riverside County a month or so earlier with a large amount of marijuana. Presumably because Grumbine is a card-carrying medical cannabis user who had a valid doctor's recommendation and the amount of pot totaled less eight ounces or less, he wasn't even arrested. However, nearly a month later he remains behind bars for that incident,

Although a wealthy supporter of Grumbine has put his Newport Beach mansion up as collateral for Grumbine's bail,  a county bail official testified at a trial hearing today that there were still five missing details regarding homeowner's insurance for the property. According to courtroom observer Larry King, the official was also overheard saying that in his experience, this level of detail has only been required once before, on a defendant who had already jumped bail.

"Joe looks worse each hearing, both physically and mentally," King reports. "When the deputy raised him to leave, he turned to slowly face his friends, family, and backers and seemed to look each one in the eye as if to say thanks. At that slow-mo moment, you could feel him strenthen his resolve in the deliberately slow walk to the inmate door as he fed off the love, and admiration(as in my case) and stood tall."

A large group of supporters (see the photo above) were on hand today to show their determination to see justice served. Grumbine's next hearing is scheduled for Jan. 24, 2013.

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I visited Joe this week--he is weak and tired, and still dumbfounded that he sits in jail for a plant and for helping others and it is wrong that he's in jail for helping other citizens and acting under the intentions of the compassionate care policies of his state--that he is in a state prison is a travesty!

Call the courthouse today and demand they review Joe's bail!


This situation is WRONG. This is a case of two entrepreneur's running a LEGAL Medical Marijuana Collective, AS THEY WERE. This has now turned into a political agenda driven mission by the District Attorney Steve Cooley and his prosecuting Attorney Jodi Castano. If ANYBODY questions that, do the homework on this case history and now for some additional evidence. So the judge revoked a bail that had been in place since the beginning, never had any violation, never a flight risk, and never a risk to the community. Then he institutes an unheard of $500,000.00 bail to make the less than ethical district attorney happy, TheY want Joe Grumbine off the street because of his charity work to expose the truth and stand up for his rights. Check out what kind of bail has been issued to others in the region, compare the crime and even see the risk to community. JOE GRUMBINE IS A POLITICAL PRISONER!!!

Case 1Officer Wolfe & Officer Cicinelli were involved in the beating death of a homeless man, Kelly Thomas, which was all caught on tape and seen by the entire nation. Both men could face up to 4 years in prison for their involvement and both men were released on $25,000.00 bail.

Case 2Mike Rios, who is charged with pimping, pandering and rape charges stemming from a prostitution operation authorities, said he ran out of his home. Bail was set at $250,000.00

Case 3Jeff Simonek was arrested by El Segundo police investigators on three counts of lewd acts with children under the age of 14. Bail was set at $300,000.

Case 4A Los Angeles County sheriff's jailer, Jermaine Jackson, was charged with assaulting two inmates and falsifying police reports afterward. At least one of the incidents was caught on tape, a sheriff's spokesman said. The deputy was being booked and was ordered held on $100,000 bail.

Case 5A former Los Angeles police detective who allegedly lost millions of dollars given to her by fellow officers and other investors was charged with theft and fraud by the California attorney general’s office. Darcey Greenfield has faced allegations that she misled investors in a real estate investment scheme. Last year, prosecutors in San Bernardino County brought similar charges. Greenfield was arrested after a court appearance on the earlier charges in San Bernardino. She was later released from custody on her own recognizance.



There is so much that is wrong with this world. That we let violent criminals out and incarcerate good men for their thoughts and convictions is insanity.


Be thankful he isn't in Department 10. "Judge" Ong is batshit crazy

paullucas714 topcommenter

this is bullshit what theyre putting joe through.

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