Janette Alvarez Allegedly Stole Baseball Champion's Ring and Other Items from Elderly

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A caregiver is accused of stealing from eight elderly people--ages 75 to 92--credit cards, financial information and jewelry that included a 1958 Milwaukee Braves National League championship ring and  matching brooch given to wives of ballplayers.

As we try to figure out which former major leaguer or spouse was treated at the Terrace View Rehabilitation Center in Fullerton, police are putting out the word for other possible victims of Janette Alvarez, who is should be noted as provided in-home care.

Fullerton Police began looking at Alvarez, a highly recommended 50-year-old caregiver who lives in town, after some of the elderly in her care filed reports of strange transactions with their accounts. Alvarez allegedly turned up on surveillance tapes from some stores where these transactions took place, and police say they found some of the victims' jewelry, credit cards and other personal belongings in her possession.

She made her $25,000 bail after being booked on suspicion of elder abuse, theft and identity theft.

Anyone who believes Alvarez may have victimized them or knows where the championship ring, brooch or other ripped-off items wound up is asked to contact Fullerton Police Detective Robert Barnes at 714.738.6786.

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Tamara Chapman
Tamara Chapman

ok...saw your profile..you are a judgemental, loner, cat lady..haha

Tamara Chapman
Tamara Chapman

@catherine Turley....do you work? Have a life??? I think not!!

Noe Alamillo
Noe Alamillo

Age old care giver dilemna, they check clean until they get greedy.

Catherine Turley
Catherine Turley

people need to take care of their own relatives. quit pawning off your responsibilities onto home health care and nursing facilities.

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