Anaheim Man Shouldn't Have Used VW Beetle For Methamphetamine Delivery

Henry Bustos meth 8.jpg
Not intended for Meth deliveries
Henry Bustos
grew up exceptionally poor in a small village in Michoacan, Mexico and sold candy and fruit on the roadside to help his family survive.

At the age of 16, Bustos entered the United States without government permission and worked at minimum wage for numerous Southern California construction companies.

Within two years, he married and had two children but wrecked himself with alcohol, and eventually landed in prison for three years on a drug conviction. 

But instead of cleaning up his life when he got out of custody Bustos continued to associate with criminals. 

In October 2010, when he was 44, he agreed to take a Volkswagen Beetle loaded with 3.7 kilograms of methamphetamine from a Target parking lot in Anaheim to an unknown location.

Bustos was unaware undercover narcotics agents were watching the parking lot--and specifically that vehicle because it had been dropped off by a major drug trafficker.

old van for meth anaheim.jpg
A more appropriate drug transport?
When federal officials declared they wanted to incarcerate him for 188 months, Bustos argued that the sentence was too harsh because his role as driver had been minor in the crime, and he promised he would permanently leave the United States.

He thought a term of no more than 120 months would be adequate punishment.

But on Nov. 28 inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter disagreed. 

Carter gave him a term of 121 months--one extra month.

Bustos, 46, remains locked inside the Santa Ana Jail today and awaits transportation to a federal prison.

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18usc241 topcommenter

Mr, Moxley, here is a possible alternative scenario that Henry was unfortunately not offered. Hey Henry, we would like to make you a deal - io. We will look the other way and ship your ass back to Mexico or cut your prison time in half if you do us white police leadership hombres just a little fava. You see this white male Hispanic American over there in the Green Toyota Camry and/or Silver Toyota Corolla and/or wife's White Nissan Sentra. If you slash his/her tires and/or smash his/her front right passenger side window and/or scratch the paint near the front right corner of wife's car and/or cut him/her off on the road (especially on the Garden Grove freeway while our buddies hold back the traffic and then flee the scene as I'm facing the wrong direction on the same freeway) and/or otherwise help defame him in order to cover up this trailer trash behavior of ours and/or etc. etc. etc. So how about it muchacho, deal?

What's that Henry? Oh no, the fact that this Hispanic American was risking his life working on police engineering projects in Bogota, Colombia for the American company of a Italian American WW2 German prisoner-of-war hero near Beach and Katella has nothing to do with why we targeted him? 

My boss also worked on the Saturn "man-on-the-moon" project and cared very much about the community of Anaheim. Fuckers.

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