[UPDATED with Suspect I.D., More Details:] Authorities: Shooting Today at Fashion Island; No Injuries (Thank God), Person in Custody

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Click here for charges filed by the DA against the suspect that could result in 115 years in prison.

Click here for video from the scene, the suspect's mugshot and more details about him.

See the update on the next page identifying the suspect and providing more incident details.

ORIGINAL POST, DEC. 15, 5:28 P.M.: Authorities have announced that there was a shooting late this afternoon at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, in the parking structure near Macy's. Macy's is currently was on lockdown, but authorities do say someone is in custody, and that the store was evacuated.

KCBS-TV Channel 2 reported that someone was "violently shooting in the air" and that there were already at least a dozen police officers on the scene.

More details as they emerge...

UPDATE, DEC. 15, 10:49 P.M.: The Newport Beach Police Department released the following at 10 p.m.:

Date of Release: December 15, 2012

Time of Release: 10:00 p.m.

Suspect Arrested After Firing Weapon in Parking Lot

Arrested: Marcos Sarinana Gurrola, male Hispanic 42 years, resident of Garden Grove

On December 15, 2012, Newport Beach Police responded to the area of San Miguel Drive and Newport Center Drive in response to several calls of possible shots fired. Witnesses reported seeing a male standing in the parking lot outside of Macy's in Fashion Island firing a weapon multiple times into the air. Newport Beach Police Officers working in the area arrived quickly and took the suspect into custody without incident.

Based on witness statements at the scene, and as a result of the preliminary investigation it was determined that the suspect fired approximately 50 rounds from a handgun into the air. There were no reports of injuries related to the shots fired, however one individual sustained minor injuries while fleeing the area.

The suspect was standing next to his vehicle at the time of the arrest and advised officers there was additional ammunition located in the trunk of his vehicle. As a precautionary measure the Orange County Sheriff's Department Bomb Squad was called in to remove the ammunition from the vehicle.

During the incident and for a short time following, several stores in Fashion Island secured their doors as a precautionary measure, however most stores remained open throughout the evening.

The investigation is continuing at this time. Anyone with additional information is asked to call Detective Garrett Fitzgerald at (949) 644-3781.

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An interesting misspelling, pal, as we're assuming you meant "casualties." Causality (noun), the principle that nothing can exist or happen without a cause. Either way, the reference to "God" is, of course, merely an everyday expression of gratitude and relief, not indicating any personal belief in this religion, that religion, or the bloody, AK-47/Uzi-toting other ones. (With 20-plus major beliefs around the world, and a whole buncha others, it's nice that you get to pick the particular one that makes you feel warm, fuzzy and safe, or satisfactorily murderous and genocidal.) For definition of "God," see same category as Easter bunny, tooth fairy, Santa Claus and Kobe Bryant assists - aka: figment of imagination ...

RocketJ topcommenter

If god is to be thanked for no causalities, is god responsible when there are causalities?

RocketJ topcommenter

@JackGrimshaw You are correct sir! Never was good at spelling, even picked the wrong correction is spell check. Relief does not necessarily equate belief but gratitude does.  Otherwise to what or whom is one expressing gratitude to?

Speaking of minor religions (not minor threats), I wonder if wiccans use spell check?

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