Dr. Pete Thomas, Santa Ana Podiatrist, Accused of Possessing Tons of Kiddie Porn

It turns out a Santa Ana podiatrist has been looking at more than feet, according to police.

Dr. Pete Thomas was arrested Tuesday for allegedly possessing more than 1,000 images of child pornography on his computer at Coastline Podiatry.

A technician stumbled upon the kiddie porn in late October and contacted the Santa Ana Police Department, which seized the computer and sent it to the FBI for analysis, according to the local cop shop.

The children depicted in the images appear to range in age from 7 to their early teens, according to police, who add they are unsure if the 58-year-old foot doctor made physical contact with any of the kids.

Thomas made his $50,000 bail after being booked into the city jail, police said.

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