[UPDATED with Schools' Rejection:] Derek Reeve, San Juan Capistrano Council's Goofball Pro Tem, Calls for Arming Teachers

See the update at the end of this post where school officials reject the idea of arming teachers.

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ORIGINAL POST, DEC. 20, 2:36 P.M.: As you may have noticed since the tragic shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, Navel Gazing has been overcome by this foreign feeling of public service, sharing with our mostly spent adult ad readers the school safety communications local police and school officials have been sharing with their communities. The latest comes from San Juan Capistrano City Councilman and frequent Navel Gazing pinata Derek Reeve and, as anyone who knows of his past mouth farts would imagine, it is ... ahem ... unique.

Reeve--who has lost a college teaching gig because of plagiarism and scoffed at the integrity of Middle Eastern students and been labeled a "pinhead" by Bill O'Reilly for naming the family dog after the Islamic prophet Muhammad--begins his letter by reminding his constituents of the terrible school shootings and how we all watched from the West Coast helplessly.

He then offers three suggestions to keep local kids safe, the first being to train teachers with the help of police and firefighters on what to do in an active-shooter situation, as they do with fire and earthquake drills.

That's actually a pretty damn good idea, as is Reeve's third suggestion: improve fencing around the entire perimeter of schools, keep all gates locked except for one central entry point and have only one entry to classrooms, which would remain locked while in session.


It's the suggestion Reeve has sandwiched between those two that is sure to raise eyebrows:

Arm willing staff, teachers and/or parents. Alternatively hire armed security:
There exists an understandable emotional response that if we just prevent firearms from being on campus, no shootings will ever occur. This attitude is tragically naïve. Someone intent on murdering dozens of children has no fear of a sign informing him that bringing a firearm to school is a felony. Every mass shooting in recent history has occurred in a "gun free zone." These shooters tend to cower from armed confrontation and commit suicide as soon as they are confronted by armed resistance.

Reeve notes the first option would not cost anything because willing teachers and volunteers would already have firearms and, presumably, the correct training on how to use them. The councilman adds that securing firearms in classrooms would be easy, a dubious claim, given schools can't even keep the smart kids from hacking into computers to change grades.

Anyway, he says the alternative would be hiring campus guards, which he acknowledges would cost money but, in any event, he demands they be armed.

You may recall Reeve previously advocated open carry in San Juan Capistrano parks.

Read his full letter on the next page . . .

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the gun enables the man produced by the culture


from naked capitalism

Why is there such economic stress? Why is treatment on the job so shitty? The same reason that:

Our society apparently values gun manufacturer profits more than the lives of children.

Our society apparently values medical insurance company profits more than the lives of the sick.

Our society apparently values gas driller profits more than the lives of people who drink groundwater in fracking areas.

Our society apparently values coal and oil company profits more than the lives of future generations.

Capitalists, by definition, squeeze every ounce of profit out of their businesses. They love and help create an excess pool of labor to produce exactly the effects that Welsh describes. They treat their workers like shit because they view them as an expense to be reduced, not as human beings to be treated as they would like to be treated themselves.

Beyond that, Capitalists will buy media, professors and politicians so that they ability to screw workers, cheat consumers and destroy the environment will be completely unfettered. They are a source of corruption and ignorance in our society.

Capitalism is not an economic system. It is a sickness that exalts the depraved and tortures and kills the innocent.
Treat the cause, not the symptoms.


With a goofy looking mug like that, how can anyone take what this guy says at face value? (Pun intended)


as some Register blogger said his head looks like a thumb


What might you look like if you had Spinal Muscular Dystrophy? Without the use of your hands and feet, would you have graduated from law school like Mr. Reeve has? He is one amazing human being. You sound like you are handicap-phobic. Disgusting!

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