Federal Judge Dismisses Inmate's Libel Lawsuit Against OC Weekly As Frivolous

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A federal judge has dismissed a convicted felon's $75 million libel lawsuit against OC Weekly and a veteran staff writer after concluding the accusations had no merit.

In his Nov. 6 ruling, Judge George H. King declared that Delecia Ann Holt, a convicted thief and failed Orange County and San Diego County Republican congressional candidate, filed a frivolous lawsuit alleging that an Aug. 2011 article by Matt Coker used falsehoods to "sadistically" cause her "to suffer ongoing emotional and physical stress."

Holt failed to identify any alleged falsehoods, according to King.

Coker's article outlined Holt's criminal woes and convictions for a series of thefts including stealing a Mercedes Benz and defrauding Orange County hotels.

From her cell at the Central California Women's Facility at Chowchilla, Holt alleged in August that it was Coker's lengthy news report on her illegal behavior that wrecked her public persona--not her crimes.

King apparently wasn't amused by the weakness of Holt's case. He also rejected her attempt to claim pauper status to get taxpayers to pay the cost of the lawsuit filing fee. He ordered her to pay $350 to the court clerk at the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana.

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Christopher Henning
Christopher Henning

Here's an idea, how about you don't commit said crimes, that way you won't get pointed out for doing them, and then you won't rot in jail? Seems to make a lot more sense than the shit she's trying to pull.

Elvia Lozano
Elvia Lozano

I was concerned for Coker's and OC weekly and the millions they would've lost!! (Sarcasm)

Peyton Farquhar
Peyton Farquhar

Ahahaha hahahahaha just another criminal trying to ride the lawsuit gravy train.

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