10 Brushes with Celebrities in Orange County, Both Major and Very Minor in 2012

Moving cameras are nothing new to Orange County, where countless motion pictures have been shot, movie stars have frolicked and resided and, in more recent years, reality television stars have made our Plasticland "real."

But though we're a short distance/long commute from being Hollywood adjacent, we still get a kick of out seeing, say, a comedy blockbuster star on our toll road, a porn star in our courthouse or a popular teen show baddie in our drunk tank. After the jump are 10 random brushes with celebrity in 2012 . . .

"The Wolfpack" coming to a stretch of the 73 toll road in October drew condemnation, movie cameras and spectator cameras as scenes were filmed for next summer's Hangover 3. A Weekly video and StarzUncut pics showed Zach Galifianakis driving a short distance with a trailer in tow. The uproar came before filming from a city councilman and merchants who feared increased traffic and decreased business. But Hollywood filled the Toll Road Agencies' coffers, and the disruption proved minimal as few drive those goddamn Lexus lanes anyway. (VIDEO: The Hangover 3 Filming Footage in Orange County Leaked)

The legendary and controversial filmmaker shot and set parts of Savages in Laguna Beach, and he would go on to promote the movie about pot growers and their hippie girlfriend going up against a bloodthirsty Mexican drug cartel all over the place, including the July cover of High Times magazine. The interview inside had Ollie waxing poetic about California marijuana and his periodic desire to get into the growing business. Natural Born Killer Weed, anyone? (Oliver Stone, Smoking Joint on High Times Cover, Talks Up Laguna Beach Film and California Weed)

The possible best director Oscar nominee for Argo was not in Orange County (that we know of, heh-heh), but he did square off against central OC's representative, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove) at a House Armed Services Committee hearing earlier this month concerning continued U.S.-led training of light infantry forces in the Congo. The Congolese are battling the LRA headed by infamous warlord Joseph Kony, but Affleck raised hackles from Sanchez and committee Republicans for suggesting similar U.S. training ops in Iraq and Afghanistan have been successful. Actually, they've been as successful as the movie Pearl Harbor. (Ben Affleck and Loretta Sanchez Need to Get a Room After House Committee Clash Over Congo)

This list purposely avoids reality television stars whose shows are set in Orange County, so that rule leaves ABC's The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad and VH1's Couples Therapy fair game. Kasey Kahl, who appeared on all three shows, posed for the booking photo above last January in Fresno, where police dubbed it the "prettiest mug shot" they ever saw at the station. His people laughed off the arrest as being the result of getting too loud outside a nightclub, but his demeanor changed after Orange County sheriff's deputies picked him up on a warrant alleging he'd assaulted two people that Jan. 15 night and booked him into Orange County Jail (see below). (Kasey Kahl of The Bachelorette Poses for Sad Police Mugshot in OC to Go with "Pretty" One)


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