Tesla Motors Becomes OC Weekly's Second-Coolest Neighbor

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Time was, OC Weekly world headquarters was the coolest, most-Earth-friendly place in our neighborhood, which is in the area of Kalmus, Pullman and Red Hill in Costa Mesa.

Then came the Mother's Market distribution facility, now the second coolest, most-Earth-friendly place at Kalmus and Pullman.

Now a third is up Pullman from Ma's.

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It appears to be a Tesla Motors office facility. (Sorry, Orange County Department of Education.)

Photos by Taylor Hamby/OC Weekly
I say appears because I got no confirmation Monday what the place actually is. Hopefully, I'll hear back from Tesla with more on the place, maybe even talk 'em into a tour, but for now enjoy these pictures snapped by Web Editor Taylor Hamby.

The Tesla sales showroom is on Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach. But Monday morning, a car carrier unloaded wrapped vehicles that were driven into the driveway and parked in a row next to a building with a new Tesla sign atop it and Tesla trailer out front.

Tesla, of course, is the Silicon Valley-based car company with electric sports cars, sedans and drive-train components. The Tesla Roadster made a big splash and the company went public.

Elon Musk, Tesla's relatively young (41) CEO and co-founder, famously used the fortune he made from founding PayPal to form his car company and SpaceX, which makes rocket ships.

So, the Weekly has that in common with our new neighbor.

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